By: Christopher Garcia

The cilmate in the rainforest.

Today we are learning about the climate or the weather in the rainforest. The cilmatesThe average is 200 to 450 centimeter or 80 to 180 per year. There are 12 hour of sunlight per day .the weather is warm and moist the animals in the rainforest like hot day like snake bird tiger gorilla and more. Tree and plant like sun to .So that is the climate and weather.

The cool animals

The animals are panda ,gorila,bear,chimpanzee,flying birds and anonada monkey lizard snake ant and deer tiger .The carnive is gorilla bear anonada snake bird almost every animal are carnive.The anaconda are so the most boss he is the king for me he eat almost a bus he eat chimpanzee monkey birds and people who come there adventure. Then the gorilla are the second animals that i like ok so the gorilla is a carnivore he eat a bird and monkey and more Than a snake a snake is a carnivore too he is a second level consumer he eat lizard birds and plant too. Some of the types eat both meat and plant too .Then the tiger he is a second level consumer he eat bird deer monkey, and more.

The plant

The plants are in the rainforest .So the plants are flower grass vine poison leave leaves tree bamboo. The bamboo is a kind of a tree but does not have a crusting it is green and a panda live on top of the bamboo. Then a poison leaves there are the worst plant there if you touch them you get a reach and then some little tiny thing come to your body. The tree are so big are there are so high like six giraffe some have vine coming down and some have poison leave. So the poison leaves are so bad and dangourse thing .The other is the vine is the tree, the animals is tree monkey bird and other animals that have wing. About 70 percent of the tree grow.

The location for the rainforest

This is the location of the rainforest. The location is in Asia South America and Africa and the Caribbean and in the other place. There are more places like on the island and more. That place most rain a lot and when it rain leave are wet and the ground is like mud .The location is the animals are too in south America there are other type of animals like eagle and other type of animals too.