Peek at the Week

Mrs. Bennett's First Grade Newsletter, September 18-22

A Note From the Teacher

The students have made amazing progress in just a short time. I'm so proud of their hard work! We've struggled a bit in learning to use an inside voice, but it is getting better each day! Tomorrow will be full of building our own community using shapes, eat your math, sentence dictation assessment, and so much more! A list of sight words will be sent in the red homework folder. Please check the words your child already knows and make flash cards to practice the others. This will help them tremendously with reading! Thanks so much for your support! It makes all the difference!


*Don't forget to place your Scholastic book orders online by 9/29.

*Please sign up for a parent conference if you have not done so:

*If you would like to send birthday invitations to school, please send one for each child in the class. We have 19 students. Otherwise, please mail out invitations. We are not allowed to hand out invitations unless the entire class receives one. (This prevents hurt feelings.) We are also not allowed to give invitations to students in other classes. Mrs. Cocanougher did a great job of putting together our class directory that was sent home today.

*If your child is a car rider, please pick them up in the car line instead of parking and walking. This is a safety issue. If you would like for your child to be a walker, they need to be picked up on the porch near the playground.

*The field trip to P-6 Farms is scheduled for Thursday, October 26.



Spelling: We will continue learning short vowels and CVC words. Our focus will be short o words.

Optional Challenge Test on Friday, September 29, 2017

inquiry, science, senses, observe, describe, sort, identify, investigate

*Please send me a note in the folder or e-mail as the date gets closer if you would like your child to be tested on these words.

Reader's Workshop

During Reader's Workshop, we will learn about main characters and supporting characters. We will learn to use visualization techniques to gain a deeper understanding of what we read. We will discuss books that have been made into movies and how we should be making movies in our minds as we read. We will discuss why books are normally better than the movies we watch. Readers read to learn new things and for fun! We have been making many connections to the books we read and our own lives while studying Marc Brown and his Arthur books.

Writer's Workshop

We will continue revising our stories this week by creating complete sentences with punctuation. We will keep adding more detail using carrots, post-its and our partners for more ideas of things we may have left out. We will work on having a beginning, middle and end as we write after reading books and noticing the sequence of events. We will also learn to stretch out words and use the alphabet chart to help with that.

Literacy Stations

During literacy stations this week, students will practice verbs, learning more about characters, short o phonics practice and much more. I will also be doing testing. As soon as I complete testing, I can start guided reading groups and book clubs!

Math Workshop

In math this week, we will learn all about 2-D shapes. We will be counting by 10's the normal way and with a twist. We will count by 10's backwards and starting at any given number. We will also review subitizing. Our math station rotations will begin next week!

Science/Social Studies

This week we will learn what a scientist is and does. We will learn how scientists use inquiry skills and tools to help find out important information. We will do a science experiment on Friday to discuss safety tools in science and our five senses. We will dive deeper into inquiry and create "I wonder...?" questions.