Madeline Hernandez

What does it mean to have confidence?

Confidence is a state of mind. Having a positive thoughts about yourself can improve your confidence. As well as talking to people and making new friends will boost your confidence.

What make you happy?

I love to traveling. I enjoy visiting new places and trying new foods. Hanging out with my friends makes me happy. We go out to eat and later have a sleepover. Lastly, I love to shop.

Three of my favorite qualities?

  • Positive Attitude
  • I can find the best in everyone
  • My hair

What am I?

  • I am NICE
  • I am KIND
  • I am Trustworthy

How do I feel when someone give me a compliment?

When I receive a compliment I feel very happy. When someone gives me a compliment I have the urge to give one as well.

Why is it important to have high self esteem?

Because having high self esteem is the first step to believing in yourself. This will improve the way you look and feel about yourself. Also, you can take new challenges easily and are more likely to try new things.

Write about a time when you helped another person. How did you feel?

On the first day of school I helped new seventh graders go to their classes. I felt good when they thanked me.

What is your biggest goal? How will you achieve it?

My biggest goal is to go to my dream school and become a veterinary. I will achieve this by studying and never giving up.

How do you know when you’ve succeeded at something?

When I succeeded at something I know because after all the time and dedication i spent to accomplish my goal I feel pride in what I've done.

Write about your favorite intellectual quality.

I am a fast learner.