Weekly Update

Week of March 14-18

SIM Testing

Students will be taking the SIM tests this week for both Math and Reading. Students will have 4 hours to complete the test if needed. These days will be treated like an actual STAAR testing day. No visitors are allowed on these days. We will be eating lunch in our classrooms. Students are encouraged to bring a lunch with them on these days if possible. Testing will occur on March 15 and March 17.


We will be finishing up our unit on Finances. We will be moving into learning about geometric shapes and their attributes. We will begin with classifying quadrilaterals and learning about the meaning of parallel and right angles.


Students will be learning about learned and inherited behaviors. They will learn what is passed off to offspring and be able to name some learned behaviors.

Snow Make-Up Day!! No School! March 25


Students will be reviewing elements of fiction. We will review character traits, summarizing, and poetry.


Students will identify the purpose and features of a critical review. We will review the rules for prepositions and prepositional phrases.

Social Studies

Students will compare ways in which people in communities meet their needs for transportation in the past and present.

College Day--March 24

Environmental Center--March 30