Russian and the Eurasion Republics

By Jacob Marquis


April 26,1986, a power plant in Chernobyl exploded and it caught fire which now is the worst nuclear disaster in the world. It was in the country of Ukraine. The time of disaster Ukraine was part of the soviet Union. Radiation spread around Ukraine,Belarus,and Russia. With radiation spreading around these places caused many things to be radioactive. After this accident the grass and many more things were contaminated.

The Soviet Collapse

Soviet money wasn’t worth very much. Other countries didn’t like Russification because they wanted them to learn Russian. A man named Mikhail Gorbachev became head of the communist party. He promoted a movement named perestroika, which means the policy of practice of restructuring. He introduced the policy of glasnost.

Trans-Siberian Rairoads

The Trans-Siberian Railroad the longest continuous railroad in the world. The climate and terrain made progress difficult.Thousands of convicts and soldiers were enlisted to labor on the railroad. A challenge would be that the gauge would be wider on the tracks. Today it has a whole bunch more routes.