Come to our NEW bakery!

Sandy's Sweets

Our bakery sells the best sweets in town!

We sell food and drinks for morning and night! We have a variety of things from fresh donuts to apple cider. You can even put in a special order and we can deliver if you give us a call and a description of what you need and where to deliver (3 days in advance). At the end of every month we have a "Bake-off" and anyone can bring any sweets for the community to try and judge to see who has the best goods. Top 3 winners will get their item sold for a week at the bakery, and top winner gets their pastry on the menu permanently!

Some of our favorites:

Come to our bakery!

Monday: 5am-8pm

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 5am-8pm

Thursday: 5am-8pm

Friday: 5am-8pm

Saturday: 5am-8pm

Sunday: 2pm-6pm