OCT. 23rd, 2017 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

Why are we becoming a No Excuses University Campus?


University Chant!

I need a few volunteers to record your class saying their University Chant for our No Excuses University Application. Please email me and let me know if i can go and videotape your class saying their college chant.

Lets welcome Ms. Robin Abrego to the family as our new second grade teacher!

I am originally from Missouri and moved to Texas just as fast as I could when I was 20. My mother and two younger sisters still live in Missouri. I lived in Corpus Christi for 30 years where I raised my two sons, Zachary and Taylor. I am a baseball mom as they both played ball from the age of 5 all the way through high school. My youngest son, Taylor, still plays softball in Plano - sometimes up to 6 games a week - and I go to as many of his games as I am able to. Taylor lives in Anna and Zach lives in Fort Worth and I am so happy to be within 45 minutes of them, instead of 8 hours away in Corpus Christi.

I went to Del Mar College, a community college in Corpus Christi, for 2 years before attending Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. While there I was chosen as the Geology Student of the Year - I love rocks! I graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christ at the age of 40 - which proves it's never too late to get a college education!

I have an 11 month old Siberian Husky named Kiedis who keeps me on my toes! We try to spend at least an hour each day at the local dog park so he can have fun and play with his friends. I also have a cat named Callie and her main objective is to stay up high, away from Kiedis as he is always chasing her!

I love to read, color mandalas, watch movies, take Kiedis on walks, and spend time with my family.

Congratulations to Mrs. Hayes! Lewisville ES won the Homecoming SHEET DECORATING CONTEST!

We sincerely appreciate the time and effort Mrs. Hayes and Chloe devoted to our school's entry. Amazing Talent---Beautiful Work!
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A Minute with the LASes...

AVP Top 5

"Vocabulary knowledge is the single best predictor of the students' academic achievement across subject matter domains.” (Feldman, K. & Kinsella, K (2005). Narrowing the Language Gap: The Case for Explicit Vocabulary Instruction. New York, NY: Scholastic.)

Here you have a quick refresher on the main points concerning the AVP.

  1. Introduce five words a week. Remember to include words from the 3 tiers.
  2. Teach/practice Academic Vocabulary in context. Give an opportunity for students to revisit each word at least six times. Require students to use the word walls!
  3. Use the Strategies on a Ring as you are lesson planning.
  4. Teach steps 1-2-3 in order. Remember that the word cards should be interactive and the students can revise and update their notebooks as they learn the concepts deeper.
  5. It is all about constructing meaning, not looking in the dictionary.
  6. Bonus! Refer to Marzano’s & Pickering’s books for more ideas.

No Excuses Rally

Key components of every rally:

  • University Fight Songs playing as students enter the gym (Mr. Thomas)
  • Entrance song, dance/clap (3 min.)
  • ”After High School Comes College” Vision and Purpose (5 min.)
  • We believe that all of our Ponies will be successful, will be leaders, and will be college ready with hard work and determination.
  • School Motto: Learners Today...Leaders Tomorrow!
  • Character Trait Talk (5 min.)
  • School Chant (1 min.)

Future ideas click here

Student of the Month!

We will begin implementation of a new idea to encourage and recognize positive student behavior. Mrs. Valdes will host a Principal's Lunch with a group of students once each month. Principal's Lunch will be in the cafeteria at a special table reserved for the Students of the Month! :-)


Each classroom teacher will nominate one student who best represents the character trait we are studying each month. Mrs. Valdes will email the grade level teachers indicating when this special lunch will occur. Students will receive a Student of the Month Award certificate, and their parents will receive congratulatory phone calls.

Kindness and Compassion are our focus character traits for November.

Teachers are asked to discuss these character traits regularly with their students. All staff members are asked to "be on the lookout" for students exhibiting these behaviors and take every opportunity to thank students showing kindness and compassion.

Classroom teachers are asked to please use this link to nominate your students for November.

Teacher and Paraprofessional of the Month!

Hi Ponies,

We are going to begin a new tradition. Each month, we will recognize one teacher and one paraprofessional for their dedication, efforts, accomplishments, and for 'being on the side of HOPE.'

All staff members will have the opportunity to nominate one teacher and one paraprofessional each month using the google form below. The staff nominees with the most nominations will win. :-)

Winners will receive:

  1. their door decorated,
  2. Thursday jeans passes for that month,
  3. one day of free duty,
  4. goodies bag, and
  5. his/her picture posted on the 'Staff of the Month' bulletin board.

Students' Early Release Day

Friday, October 27th

  • Students' early release day
  • Student Dismissal at 11:45
  • Teachers may leave at 2:30
  • NOTE: No Pony Time (Friday, Oct. 27th)

We will be sharing the revised schedule on Monday.

Important information

  • Tuesday, October 24th will be "Unstructured PLC Time." Regular PLC Rotations for students will occur as usual. Note: Your classrooms will be used for the students as regularly scheduled.
  • Friday October 27th - Students' Early Release Day - Student Dismissal at 11:45 and teachers may leave at 2:30. Note: Pony Time is cancelled for Friday, 10/27.
  • Monday, Oct. 30th - PLC Focus: Collaborative Reading Standard Planning
  • Monday, Oct. 30th - Pony Time cancelled due to 90 min. PLC sessions
  • Tuesday, Oct. 31st - Read-a-thon
  • Tuesday, Oct. 31st - No PLC sessions on this day (changed to Monday 10/30)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 31st - Pony Time cancelled due to Read-a-thon
  • Friday, November 3rd *Parent Conferences DEADLINE*
  • Friday, November 3rd: AWARDS Assemblies:

    *3rd grade @ 8:15

    *2nd grade @ 9:00

    *4th grade @ 1:30

    *5th grade @ 2:10

  • Monday, November 6th AWARDS Assembly:

    *1st grade @ 8:00

  • Tuesday, November 7th AWARDS Assembly:

    *Kindergarten @ 8:00

What is Happening at our school for the next week?

Click here to see the school google calendar. Thank you Mrs. Kitchen for keeping our calendar up to date.

  • PTA Cookie Dough Fundraiser continues
  • 21-Day Challenge- P.E. continues
  • Parent Conferences continue

Monday October 23rd

  • College Ready Rally
  • Miss Texas Visit 9 a.m.

    * Miss Texas will be here at 9:00 a.m. Monday 10/23 to speak to 2nd-5th grade students in the gym. She

    will speak about being respectful, kind and dreaming big!!

  • Inst. Tech LF & ML Coord. on campus
  • Sci & Math Facilitators ACT days
  • College/U shirt Day

Tuesday October 24th

  • Unstructured PLC
  • Inst. Tech - ACT day
  • PTA Cookie Dough Fundraiser ends

Wednesday October 25th

  • Sci, Math & LA ACT days
  • Dress for Success Day
  • New Teacher Mtg. 3:10 - 3:30

Thursday October 26th

  • LA K-2 LF on campus
  • LHS Halloween Carnival 5:30-8:30pm

Friday October 27th

  • Student Early Release 11:45
  • Pony Time cancelled due to early release
  • End of first 9 Weeks
  • PJ DAY (wear pajamas) - “Follow your Dreams, Don’t Bully or Do Drugs”
  • Staff may leave at 2:30

Happy October Birthdays!

  • Melanie Goodman - Oct. 3rd
  • Ashley Sinnott - Oct. 5th
  • Taylore Rimling - Oct. 7th
  • Lynda Shield - Oct. 9th
  • Teresa O'Donnell - Oct. 10th
  • Samia Sarkis Rutherford - Oct. 23rd
  • Polly Miller - Oct. 24th
  • Meredith Mullikin - Oct. 29th

Staff Shout Outs

  • Coach W, Ms. Amador, Ms.Shield, Ms.Butler and Ms.Mullikin for being so willing to help me get into the building over the weekend!
  • Ms.Green and Ms.Echevarria for sorting the HUGE amount of candy and preparing games for Trunk or Treat!
  • Mrs. Vando,Norton and Echevarria for all the days of work that you put into organizing Trunk or Treat and making it a success!
  • Mrs. Varona - Thank you for making our 4th grade complete!
  • Mrs. Oden for making time to listen and being a source of inspiration.
  • Mrs. Rimling, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. McIntosh, Mrs. Mullikin, Mrs. Sammon, and Mrs. Wooster for their dedication to Positive Ponies and helping out over the weekend!
  • Ms. Y. Bernal for always supporting her team.
  • Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Boston for creating an awesome Haunted House!
  • Mrs. Anguita for all you do in GT
  • 2nd Grade Team for being so spirited and working well together
  • The No Excuse Crew that went to the Dallas conference this past week! You were phenomenal - great attitudes, fun ideas, collaboration ... THANK YOU
  • Thank you Sanchez, Samia and Oden for completing thousands of things behind the scenes.
  • Thank you instructional support staff for covering tutoring duties.
  • Beth Hayes for her tirelessly amazing work with our homecoming sheet and float! You are phenomenal!
  • Ms. Ramage, thank you for assisting with students in the office after school!
  • Mrs. Oden - thank you for leading such a great Data PLC!
  • Mrs. Miller for your "lets do it!" and "give it to me, I will help" attitude. FAST LLAMA!!!
  • Mrs. Rimling - Huge shout out for taking point of Mr. Vasquez's lesson plans and for always being so supportive and positive! REALLY FAST LLAMA!!
  • Mrs. Sammon - for your exceptional positive attitude and always pitching in to help! FAST LLAMA ALERT
  • Coach W for all of his help during the Homecoming parade.
  • Ms. Sammon, Ms. Kilam, Ms. Rubio, Ms. Guerrero, Ms. Lawson, Ms. Burleson, Ms. Vando, Ms. Satterla, Ms. Oden and Ms. Oporto for coming to the Homecoming parade!

Click here to submit your shout Out.