Team Dare to Dream

May Monthly Newsletter

Greetings Dreamers!!

This has been such an incredible, action packed month!! From the Dare to Dream Spa-la, Team Rejuvenate's Spa-la, a record-breaking sales month for our team, AND a HUGE boom in leaders moving up the ladder...I could not be more proud and excitement to see what this next month has in store for us!!

At the beginning of this year, I set my focus on building a strong team. One that wasn't measured in sales, bookings, or recruits, but one that was marked by strong friendships, enthusiasm, and a willingness to help and serve others. So many of you are starting to find your own vision too- what motivates you, what inspires you, and what moves you into action.

When you tap into that- you'll ignite your passion and the rest will come. You know what they say, "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life"! You ladies make my job a dream come true EVERY single day.

Thank YOU for another amazing rocking month!! Here's to an equally awesome May!

-Mara DeSilva

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New and Limited Edition Products Available this Month!

We have several Men's Collections on sale this month as we prepare for Father's Day! These gift collections are NOT in the catalog but are great offerings for your parties and through social media!

Available as of May 12th, our new Spray and Paste Deodorants will be available to both consultants and customers (they are available now for consultants to order). If you missed the training call on these new deodorants, you can find the webinar with TONS of information regarding them on the recorded training call section.

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2016 National Convention is Rapidly Approaching!

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Our National Convention is only TWO months away and I am getting so excited to bond with you all and come away with some fabulous training guaranteed to help you grow personally and professionally!

If you have not already registered for convention, you have one more month to take advantage of the early bird pricing (see the download section in the Virtual Office for more details)! If you need a roomate for convention let me know and I can help you find someone!! :)

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Leaders wanted! Do you have what it takes?? :)

Do you dream of inspiring and helping others to achieve their dreams?? We're developing a special program just for you!! Join the Dare to Dream Leader team for a very special Leadership Bootcamp training series starting Mon., May 23rd for a total of 3, 1 hour calls (one on May 23rd, and the other two tentatively scheduled for June 20th, and July 18th )

This training will be a 3-part Zoom Conference training designed to help you promote to Director and above before convention by:

-developing a strong and consistent personal business

-learning the ins and outs of recruiting

-and how to work with your teammates to help them develop a strong personal business too!

There will be challenges, prizes, and a ton of excitement as we work together to help YOU achieve your leadership goals for 2016! To take part in our Leadership Bootcamp training please RSVP to your upline Director (Mara DeSilva, Alana Scalese, or Karen Wikstrom). We can't wait to see you then!!

April Recognition

Who's new to the team?

I'm so excited to welcome these newest members to our team! We're so glad to have you with us!! A big congratulations to their sponsoring uplines too! :)

Team Dare to Dream

Sponsored by: Mara DeSilva

-Christina Berube, Cobleskill, NY

-Carrie Rourke, Albany, NY

-Emily Evans, Blandon, PA

Sponsored by Carrie Rourke

-Tracy Lane, Canaan, NY

-Angela Gordon, Albany, NY

Sponsored by Deborahlee Adams

-Kristin Lange, Clarendon Springs, VT

Sponsored by Michelle Hager

-Jewell Talmadge, Raeford, NC

-Sponsored by Melissa Langlois

-Latisha Thompson, Adelphi, MD

Sponsored by Ashley Brenenstuhl

-Heather Clancy, Pattersonville, NY

Sponsored by Cori Janis

-Lucia West, Scotia, NY

Sponsored by Beth Willis

-Stacy Herbage, Burnt HIlls, NY

Sponsored by Nancy Riker

-Karen Riker, North Bennington, VT

Sponsored by Jennifer O'Connor

-Lindsey Hoyt, Albany, NY

Team Northern Explosion

Sponsored by Alana Scalese

-Brittany Nelson, Crystal, ND

-Judy Bronson, Lake Bronson, MN

-Pamela Gust, Karlstad, MN

-Megan Gullickson, Marshall, MN

Team Mission Possible

Sponsored by Karen Wikstrom

-Emily Lafferty, Grand Forks, ND

Sponsored by Sharon Strohl

-Corinne Rogers, Baudette, MN

Sponsored by Brianne Lissell

-Betsey Sorenson, Grand Forks, ND

Who's Promoting?

Woot-woot! These ladies will soon be earning additional bonus commissions!! :)

Senior Sales Consultant

Beth Willis

Heather Wallenberg

Brianne Lissell

Team Leader

Cori Janis

Team Leader in Qualification (1st Month Requirements Met)

Stephanie Pope

Director in Qualification (1st Month Requirements Met)

Nancy Riker

Crystal Woodworth

Senior Sales Consultants earn a one-time $50 product bonus for promoting so make sure to redeem your reward!! :)

You can increase your income by working smarter, NOT harder!!

Become familiar with our simple, generous, and straightforward compensation plan (see below)! Income shown a the top and qualifications at the bottom!

If you have trouble understanding the compensation plan or figuring out what you need to qualify for a rank or title, please reach out!! :)

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Jump Start Earners

A big congrats to all our Jump Start earners this month!!

Third Month of Jump Start ($3,000+ in PV from date of start)

-Kate Szczesny

Second Month of Jump Start ($1,750 in PV from date of start)

-Melisa Bentley

-Jen O'Connor

-Kate Szczesny

First Month's Jump Start ($750 in PV from date of start)

-Carrie Rourke

-Mary McGrail

-Stacy Herbage

-Kathy Dimeo

-Jewell Talmadge

-Brittany Nelson

Lots more names to be featured next month!! Don't forget if you miss your 1st month of Jump Start you can STILL earn the 2nd month!! It's never too late to catch up!

You can redeem your Product bonuses by going to the download section of the VO, clicking on Spring Specials, Flyers, and Promotions, and then finding the Jump Start Codes file.

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Let's Party!! April Sales Recognition!

Organizational Volume $51,744

Dare to Dream Team Volume $27,305!!

Mara DeSilva- Senior Director $4,485

Top Three in Sales for the Organization

1) Karen Wikstrom- $4,112.

2) Alana Scalese- $4,062.

3) Kate Szczesny- $3,697

Top Three in Sales for Team Dare to Dream

1) Kate Szczesny- $3,697

2) Crystal Woodworth- $2,229.

3) Cori Janis $1,370

Top Three in Sales for Team Northern Explosion

1) Alana Scalese- $4,062.

2) Wendy Frederickson- $2,469.

3) Brittany Nelson- $937.

Top Three in Sales for Team Mission Possible

1) Karen Wikstrom- $4,112.

2) Jennifer Jorgenson- $1,008.

3) Charity Barth- $800.

Calendar Girls!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our team's Calendar Girls Incentive Program!!! I can't wait to announce our first set of winners!

What is Calendar Girls?

A fun incentive program that offers you chances to win free gifts for contributing towards our teams success!

How do I win prizes?

Everyone who posts their goals and any events they have scheduled for the month is entered to win a prize. If we reach our organizational goal, a large prize will also be raffled off to anyone who was active and participated in the Calendar Girls program by posting their goals and events.

Extra drawings will also be held for those who reach certain sales levels and those who help build our team through recruiting.

Calendar Girls Qualifyers, Booking Booster Kit Earners, and Bonus Commissions Earners!

(This portion is for Team Dare to Dream since the Team Northern Explosion Organization does their own Calendar Girls program) :)

Spa Consultants with $2,000+ in Personal Volume (PV)

*Consultants who earned $3,000+ in PV and earned an extra 10% bonus commission

Consultants who have completed their Jump Start are eligible for Booking Booster Kits.

Mara DeSilva*

Alana Scalese*

Kate Szczesny*

Crystal Woodworth

Everyone gets a FREE Ocean Friendly Sunscreen

Spa Consultants with $1,000- $1,999 in Personal Volume

*Consultants who earned $1,500 and earned an extra 5% bonus commission.

Consultants who have completed their Jump Start are eligible for Booking Booster Kits.

Heather Smith

Cori Janis

Kathy Dimeo

Winner of the drawing for the Golden Medium Foundation- Cori Janis

Spa Consultants with $500- $999 in Personal Volume

Carrie Rourke

Stacy Herbage

Ashley Brenenstuhl

Stephanie Pope

Jewell Talmadge

Jen O'Connor

Melisa Bentley

Nancy Riker

Andrea Bohringer

Mary McGrail

Beth Willis

Michelle Hager

Erin Prendergast

Winner of the drawing for the lotion duo- Erin Prendergast

Spa Consultants who recruited at least one new teammate in April

Mara DeSilva

Jennifer O'Connor

Deborahlee Adams

Cori Janis

Carrie Rourke

Michelle Hager

Nancy Riker

Beth Willis

Melissa Langlois

Ashley Brenenstuhl

Everyone gets $10 in Convention Cash!!

Winner of the Calendar Girls Participant Prize for a 2oz. Hairspray- Cori Janis

After your 90-day Jump Start Period- you can earn "Booking Booster Kits" by submitting $1,000, $2,000, and $3,000 in sales and by recruiting two new teammates in a calendar month! These kits include free catalogs, trial size samples, and promotional gear! Redeem by entering item code #x0038 in a consultant order and selecting the booking booster kit you qualify for.

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What to shoot for in May!

Jump Start Rewards!

Keep an eye on your next Jump Start goal! Know what your next sales goal should be to achieve your next level of Jump Start. Divide that by $400 in sales (an average party) and book one more to plan for cancellations/reschedules.

Bring a friend in during your Jump Start and when they sell $300, you'll earn a Bling Tablecloth or a Bling T-shirt AND a $50 product bonus!! $75 in free products for each friend you bring in after!

Calendar Girls Incentives!

Post your current party/event dates on our Calendar Girls Calendar, your monthly goal, and be active by the 15th and/or 30th of the month for an entry into a drawing. Hit one of the sales levels listed above ($500, $1,000, or $2,000+) or bring a friend and you'll qualify for bonus prizes too!

Super Jump Start- Diamond/Peridot Ring

Earn that gorgeous Super Jump Start ring by reaching $5,000+ in PV during your entire Jump Start Program and bring in four friends to receive this top honor!

Booking Bonuses!

After your 3 month Jump Start program is complete you can earn a Booking Bonus by submitting $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 in sales in any calendar month.

5% Commission Bonus and 10% Super Bonus (now through February).

$1,500 in sales earns you an extra 5% in commission. $3,000 in sales earns you an extra 10% in commissions!!!

Rookie of the Month

Earn a Peridot Level Bonus by being Rookie of the Month (Top 1-2 in sales from the new consultants in their first period of Jump Start). Shoot for $2,500+ in sales to snag this top honor!!

Leadership Promotions!

Many of you leaders are rapidly working your way up the leadership ladders! To promote to Team Leader, you must have 2 active consultants ($25 each) and combined team sales of $2,000. Directors must have 3 active consultants ($25 each) with Team Sales of $4,000.

May Recruiting Special

All consultants who sign on a new consultant in May qualify for a Healthy Skin Travel Pack!

What's coming up in May?

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May Dates to Remember

Mon., May 2nd at 6:30pm- Team Training Meeting at Mara's House (7 Roseland Blvd., Burnt Hills)

Wed., May 4th at 8:30pm- 9:30pm Team Webinar Training with Executive Director- Amanda Herlan Join Url - or Or join by phone:1 (408) 638-0968 or +1 (646) 558-8656 (US Toll), Meeting ID: 648 284 8065

Plan to jump on the line for Lemongrass University to be held Tuesday, May 3rd for our annual Freedom Feet Campaign launch! Lemongrass University calls are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 6 pm PT/ 7 pm MT/ 8 pm CT/ 9 pm ET.

New Consultant Training Call May 9th, Held the 2nd Monday of every month at 6 pm PT/ 7 pm MT/ 8 pm CT/ 9 pm ET. If you are new to Lemongrass this call is for you. We are here to help you jumpstart your business!

marGO has arrived at Lemongrass Spa! Please join one of our special marGO training call to learn more about whatmarGO has to offer your business! Tuesday, May 10th 6 pm PT/ 7 pm MT/ 8 pm CT/ 9 pm ET or Thursday, May 12th 9 am PT/ 10 am MT/ 11 am CT/ 12 pm ET.

Director Call (For our Director and higher titled leaders) there will be no Director's call this month. Our marGo call will take the place of our regularly scheduled Director's call. We'll resume the next Director's call on Tuesday, June 14th.

Business Builder Tips every Wednesday at 9 am PT/ 10 am MT/ 11 am CT/ 12 pm ET. This 30-minute call is with Kathy Yellets, National Field Developer. Dial into our conference call line: 641-715-3200, password 1096999#.

Koffee with Kathy, Saturday mornings at 6 am PT/ 7 am MT/ 8 am CT/ 9 am ET. Join Kathy Yellets, Saturday mornings with a cup of Coffee or a cup of Tea. This 30-minute call will be a time to reflect on what is going well in your business, shout outs, tips and tricks. Dial into our conference call line: 641-715-3200, password 1096999#.