๖ۣۜCome ๖ۣۜTo ๖ۣۜOur ๖ۣۜHouse!

Doors open days

๖ۣۜOur $pecial house is f0r ๖ۣۜSale

Our well located house in Washington, DC is for sale.
$300 000 000 is the minimum price, that you can bet.

Doors open day

Friday, April 2nd 1999 at 1am

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC

House details: Well located, well decorated, good for children, beautiful, nice, positive, white, a bit black, cool overall!!!

Where & when???

00.00 am @ Sven's crib (you can see that in the picture) from to airport and from there to Washington, DC.
01.00 am @ Doors open day starts.