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Gentleness meets Courage

creative expression through Anna Halprins Life/Art process

What happens if our actions in this world come from this deep place within?

Sanftmut - Mut ... Nezaket - Cesaret ... Gentleness - Courage

What is the expression of my deepest gentleness? What form does it take?

What is the expression of my courage and boldness? What form does it take?

What happens in the space where these two meet?

We wish to welcome you to a safe and creative environment to explore and respond to these questions, using movement, drawings, creative writing and being in conversation. We will be following the Tamalpa Life/Art process, founded by dance-pioneer Anna Halprin, that combines these different forms of creative expression in a beautiful flow. The Tamalpa Life/Art process was developed to contribute to a more embodied, creative, and participatory world in which art as a healing force is fostered.

We will go through different levels of arriving, in the space, in the group, in the body and then from within expressing our truth and aliveness out, as a gift to the world.

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Time and Place in Istanbul to be announced :-)

No previous movement- or drawing/art- experience needed.
Come as you are, ready to be surprised,

curious about life and your creations, like a child.

Your Host for these magical three hours

What is really moving you at this time? Katrin is a Movement-Teacher and Coach, trained by Anna and Daria Halprin, pioneers in the wholeness of dance and embodiment. Through a clear and holding structure she creates safe and joyful spaces where we can play with our creativity, source from our inner knowing and the language of our body. Exploring questions on the physical, emotional and mental level alike allows for new perspectives, surprising insights and deep wisdom to be surfaced. If we are taking our next steps from this place of alignment, the future we dream of is already here.

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Tamalpa Institute - Movement-Based Expressive Arts