The Night She Disappeared

By: Maddy Tolles Hour:3


Gabie drives a Mini Cooper. She delivers pizza part time at Pete's Pizza. One random night Kayla another delivery girl switched night shift's with Gabie. Kayla goes out and never comes back. The guy who called in the fake pizza order asked if the girl who drivers the mini cooper was working that night. Was Kayla's fate really meant for Gabie. People obsessed with finding the missing girl, Kayla , Gabie teams up with another worker at Pete's Pizza named drew. Together they find clue and set out to prove Kayla's not dead, and find her be for she is. Want to know more? Go find the book and find out the rest!


  • What characters did I relate to and why? I related to Gabie because if it was my friend who got kidnapped then I would go out and find clues and help find her.
  • Were there any characters I disliked? Uh probley the kidnapper because hes mean.
  • what other books have I read that relate to this book? I have read 3 books Run Away Twin, Do you know the Monkey Man, Stolen children.