Nurse's Notes

Fall 2019

Health Room Updates

Fall is here and we have been very busy in the health office at Tamanend. We have completed hearing screenings for all 7th grade, new and special education students and heights and weights for 1st half of the year PE classes. Scoliosis screenings for 7th grade will be occurring on November 15th and 18th for students with gym this marking period. A parent note must be sent in to the nurse prior to the screening to be excused as this is a state mandate (unless there is a documented history of scoliosis). Dental exams were due by October 15th for 7th grade but we are continuing to accept them. Vision screenings of the entire school will begin shortly.


Flu season is approaching quickly. Please consult with your student's health care provider regarding your student receiving the flu vaccine.

Please keep your student home if he or she is too ill to be productive in school, has a fever of 100.4 or higher, vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24 hours due to illness.


We have medically fragile students in the building whose exposure to illness should be as limited as possible.

Please notify the nurse's office if your student is swabbed for the flu and it is positive.

Thank you!!

Vaping is currently a teen epidemic and has become a national crisis due to the health risks involved. "Federal and state officials have reported hundreds of total possible cases of pulmonary disease and several deaths that may be related to vaping. Patients’ symptoms ranged from cough, chest pain and shortness of breath to fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, according to the CDC" Raven, K (2019).

Please read the article in full for more details.

Holiday Assistance

If you are in need of holiday assistance, food or clothing, please contact Lauren Myrtetus MEd, RN, CSN

Certified School Nurse

Tamanend Middle School



FEAST again will be providing home cooked meals for

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter

The distribution dates are:

Wednesday 11/27 2pm-7pm (Thanksgiving)

Monday 12/23 2pm-7pm (Christmas)

Saturday 4/11 1pm-6pm (Easter)

Pick up will be at:

St Robert Bellarmine Church, 856 Euclid Ave, Warrington, PA 18976

In addition to Meals. FEAST again will have winter coats as supplies last

FEAST depends on you to help serve our community.

Please circulate this information.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Please Register and Donate ONLINE



(267) 225-8589

PO Box 478 Warrington, PA 18976

FEAST estará proporcionando comidas caseras para:

El Dia de Acción de Gracias, Navidad y Pascua

Las fechas de distribución son:

miércoles 11/27 2pm-7pm (El Dia de Acción de Gracias)

lunes 12/23 2pm-7pm (Navidad)

sábado 4/11 1pm-6pm (Pascua)

Recoge será en:

La Iglesia de St Robert Bellarmine, 856 Euclid Ave, Warrington, PA 18976

Además de las comidas, FEAST es capaz de ofrecer abrigos de invierno hasta agotar existencias.

FEAST depende de usted para ayudar a servir a nuestra comunidad.

Por favor circula esta información. Cualquier ayuda que pueda proporcionar es muy apreciada.

Por favor, haga que las personas llenen la información por Internet.

Para solicitar comidas:

Para donar:

(267) 225-8589

PO Box 478 Warrington, PA 18976

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