Mandy's Science 6 S'more

This Page will include my learning in my Science 6 Class

Introduction to Science 6

Science labs

Here are some of the labs that we did in class...

Triple Beam Balances

The first lab that we did in science, was the Triple Beam Balance! We started with handouts, and then as we got better we got to actually use the Triple Beam Balance. First, we started with weighing odjects and then we filled out descriptions of them on a handout. After we got the hang of it, we did a "test" it was for the Triple Beam Balance, and I got 16/16!


The second lab that we did was microscopes. We started off by looking at salt, on low power, which is 100x the magnification. The next activity that we did, was that we did a letter "e" lab. We got in pairs and looked at the letter "e". My slide said "ote". We then did different magnifications, low power(40x), medium power(100x), and high power(400x). WE then did a lab where we had to find out where mr. Schafer went on vacation, it turned out he went to Vietnam.

Longitude and Latitude

The last lab that we did in "Intro to Science 6" was longitude and latitude. We started off by doing "Around the World in 30 minutes". At first I had trouble with the degrees, but I got it down as we got more into the subject. Once we got more into the unit, we started to work with actual globes, and we had to find places using the degrees and hints of the land features. It was really fun.

Ending Intro to Science 6

I had a great time doing all of the labs that we did, and hope we can come back and revisit them. My favorite lab would probably have to be microscopes. It was cool looking at everything up close. My second favorite is defenently the triple beam balance. I had a blast weighing all the different lab equipment. Lastly, was the longitude and Latitude activity. It wasn't my favorite, but I'm still looking forward to doing it all in the future.

Mandy Keefe

I am a student at Pioneer Middle School.