Adventure off the beaten path

A night on the beach & other things

The Other Goa

The land of the white lotus where old gods are enshrined in pristine temples and beautiful churches.

Come and be with fireflies in the rain and dance on sun-kissed sands untouched by commerce.

Be enchanted by flowers and birds and green rhapsodies along riverbeds.

Chant atop a hill with the sea listening.

Feel the calm in the wind.

Walk in squelchy wet sand, dragging your feet for the joy of it.

Sit by the river and listen to the songs of the water.

Live under timbered roofs with red tiles in a village house.

Make your own image in a hamlet of potters.

Spend a night on the sands with the vast Arabian Sea at your feet and stars over your head.

Feel serenity soak in as you unwind.

Start to feel the magic
of sound and of silence and that of your own self unfold...

The Other Goa - Experience it for yourself!

We create.
For you.