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Congratulations to Our Retirees

Dear McNear Families;

After 24 of the richest and most rewarding years I ever could have asked for, I will be retiring at the end of this school year. Every day has been different and exciting, full of learning, love, tears, and laughter. It has been an honor to teach your children, and I value the trust you have placed in me. I'll be off to travel, spend time with my grandchildren, hike every trail on Mt. Tam, and putter in my woodshop. I know that in my absence, McNear will continue to foster its reputation for excellence in education in a caring environment. I wish all the McNear families the best of luck.


Eric Norstad

Dearest McNear Falcons,

This is a hard letter for me to write. I have SO missed our last weeks together for so many reasons! Your laughter, your genuine care for each other and your excitement for learning has made each day with you, a joyous day. There has not been one day this school year that I haven’t said at the end of the day “We had a good day” or, “That was fun!” I have decided that this will be my last year teaching at McNear. It is very emotional for me to think that you are my LAST class that I will have taught, after 25 years of being at our wonderful school!

There is some sadness that we are ending our school year away from school, but also that I am finishing my teaching NOT with you in school each day. There is something very special about you as a group of kids. You are funny. You are clever, curious & creative. You are forever teaching ME. You are thoughtful - I mean really, what kids give a surprise birthday party for a substitute teacher?!! You will be in my heart for a very long time. I care about you and appreciate the joy you have shared with me this school year, last school year and every year that I have been lucky enough to be a part of this community.

With gratitude and love,

Mrs. Durkin

Start Decorating Your Car And Save the Date

We are looking forward to some social distancing sweetness as we greet everyone on the last day before heading out to Summer. Most of the staff will be there with masked smiles and signs ready to load bags in the backs of cars. So make some signs too, decorate your car and prepare for our quarantine end of year finale.

Students may keep their iPads over the Summer! Yippee!

More soon on APPS and Ideas to keep things interesting.

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iPad Issues?

If you continue to have unresolved issues, students and families can receive technology support for PCS issued iPads and Chromebooks by sending an email to Please include the following:

Student’s full name
Student ID number
Preferred contact information
A thorough description of the issue
A representative from the PCS Technology department will make contact and attempt to resolve the issue remotely. If PCS Technology determines that the device needs to be swapped out, they will provide instructions for dropoff/pickup.


Growing Art Docent Lesson Treasure Chest

Have you tried any of these yet? Please share your pictures if you do!

Alyse Breece, PCS Art Docent Coordinator Extraordinaire!

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If your student has been using a District Loaner Instrument this year, please return it along with any loaner music books & stands to your school site. Band Teachers will be at school sites next week. We will follow the safe collection protocols that have been put in place by the District:

Parents may drive or walk up to the collection table.
Only one person/family at a time should approach the table for drop-off. Remember to wear a face mask. Maintain social distancing of 6 feet at all times. Families that have an ill family member should stay home. If the parent can’t send a replacement that day, arrange for drop off at another time.

Tuesday MAY 19 - McNear

9:30-10:15 - Ukuleles and 4th grade recorders

Tuesday MAY 19 - McNear
11:00 - 11:45
Drive thru at front of school


Dear PCS Community,

To ensure our Distance Learning program meets the needs of all students, staff, and families we have created separate surveys to gather information on everyone's experiences with distance learning. The data we collect through these surveys will help us find ways to best serve our students for the remainder of the school year—and potentially next school year—depending on social gathering limitations.

Today we are asking families and students to provide us with their feedback by taking 10-15 minutes to complete the surveys listed below:

We're asking that families encourage and/or help their student(s) complete the student survey.

The deadline to complete the surveys is Friday, May 22nd.

While we look forward to the return to our campuses, we don’t know how long the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to affect our learning environments, schools, and our community. As such, our efforts now will inform how we prepare in the future for short-term emergency purposes or for extended periods of time as necessary.

Thank you for your time and continued support.

Create a Zones Check-In for Home

Zones of Regulation

In many of our classrooms, counseling and problem solving in the office we use tools and curriculum called Zones of Regulation. The ZONES of Regulation is a conceptual framework used to teach students self-regulation and self-control. It teaches students to use strategies or tools to help move between the ZONES.

The ZONES of Regulation language can be used in many different ways! We enjoy using the colors and tools to transition students' feelings/mood towards "green zone", or ready to learn.

The ZONES can also be used at home! If you are interested in exploring the ZONES at home, here is a video to get you started. Visit the ZONES of Regulation Website for additional information.

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Honoring our Sixth Graders

We are excited to celebrate this year's promoting 6th graders. As we are not able to meet in person we will celebrate through a digital format. We are in the process of composing a video with the same elements that we have always had during promotion ceremonies to be posted on Youtube so our school community can experience and celebrate together. It will be wonderful to have this new keepsake. Sixth grade families will be invited for a special shared viewing via Zoom sometime on Thursday afternoon.

Certificates, programs and goodies will be delivered in the pick up on the last day. Hoping for some decorated cars and banners at school with all the 6th graders parading through during the same window. Please reach out to Principal Eichert if you can help with goodies or making banners etc.

Last Call for Yearbook Orders

We're now taking orders for the 2019-2020 yearbook, which will feature additional content developed by students whilst sheltering in place. You can order by filling out the form here:

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Please Help Us Keep Ms. Nanci and Shore Up Fundraising Shortfalls

Amazon Smile!

Amazon Smile! Just a reminder to set McNear School PTA as a designated recipient on Amazon Smile. By doing so, a portion of all purchases made will go straight back to our school! It's super easy to set up. Just follow the link below and log into your Amazon account. After logging in, you'll be prompted to search for a charity name - type in McNear School and hit Search. Choose McNear School PTA from the list, and away you go!

Just remember to shop from versus or Amazon app in order for every eligible purchase you make to result in a donation.

Thank you!…/…/homepage/ref=smi_chpf_redirect…

No School May 25, 2020

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