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September 12, 2014

Great Start because of Great People

Dear Sailor Staff,

An educational leadership writer that I follow named @ToddWhitaker states, "It's the people not the programs that change the outcome on student learning!" We no doubt have the right people in our building. We will continue to build our capacity even though at times it feels as though we are drinking from a fire hose (remember not to Google that). Remember that you are the ones making the difference in the lives of kids each day. It's not Math Expressions, Story Town, Words Their Way, or iPads that will make the difference. It's you. It's me. It's all of us-TOGETHER!

Continue doing what you do! It's been a terrific start to the year!

With Gratitude,


Bay Harbor- An ALICE School

I hope you all have had a chance to process the ALICE training and have taken some time to look at our school and your classroom and think through scenarios. On Monday, we will begin talking to the kids about ALICE on a very low, developmentally appropriate level. Please continue to think through situations and think through options. Remember you are empowered to make the BEST decision you feel at the time. The WORST thing to do is not make any decision at all.

Assessment Day

CLICK HERE to view the assessment day calendar. Last year it worked well to assess one student and have one or two on deck. As the student finishes, make sure they know where they are heading next. For our younger students, we will deploy our 4th graders to hang out in that area to help get kids where they need to be. Lunch will be in classrooms. K-2 will eat first. Teachers of these students, please meet your kids in the room and walk them to the lunchroom to get lunches and back to the classrooms. You are then free to eat in peace:)

I want to give a special thanks to ALL special area teachers who are leading the engaging stations on Monday. We couldn't do this without you! #allhandsondeck

Running Record Assessments

Here are a few thoughts and expectations rambling around:

  1. Understand the students Spring score and analyze strengths and weaknesses
  2. Give assessment to find INSTRUCTIONAL level
  3. Analyze strengths and weaknesses and use this for instructional purposes
  4. If a student has hit the "Summer Slump" when you have assessed, be sure still find their instructional level and note their weaknesses.
  5. Don't start them at the lower level...start them at where they left off (or higher if they achieved that). Understand that they had those skills at one time and with support on some weaknesses, they will gain momentum as they begin to do more practice.
  6. Their independent activities will need to be a lower level
  7. At this time, please keep track of your RR scores. I will update you regarding one localized spot that I will track the data.
  8. Students who have slipped back, should receive another RR early on or by mid October.
  9. REMINDER: RR are for instructional purposes. It will also be used as a way to measure growth, but it is first and foremost a tool to instruct.
  10. THANK YOU for your work on this and for your care to learn more about your students!

Press Gazette Article

Missy Madigan and her 2nd graders will be featured in a Green Bay Press Gazette Article on Monday about the "New Math" that is now being taught. You and I understand that we are not teaching "New Math", but merely building students conceptual knowledge about math rather than just memorizing steps.

PLC Begins Tuesday

As you embark on another PLC journey, remember that this is a crucial time to be focused on improvement and to follow the four corollary questions:

We need your PLC work to jive with our School Improvement Efforts surrounding the areas of Literacy and Closing the Gap. Your SLO goals and personal goals should align to this work too. NEW this year, our interventionists will be setting up a rotating schedule to meet with you during PLC time to review on-going data and plan. This will be a positive addition!

Please be sure to use the PLC Folder you each have in your Google Drive. Review your Norms from last year and update IF NEEDED. One person should lead the PLC and somebody should take notes on the agenda template in your folder. Most of you already know the goals by which you want to reach, but if not, be sure to review data and come up with a SMART goal for your SLO. Remember to base it on historical data if possible. Make it attainable but not easy. It's A LOT about what you do to get there, not just if you got there or not.

Educator Effectiveness- Year 2, but really year 1, but now it's for real

You received an email from Jim Freeman yesterday that stated, "IF you have add material this year to your documentation log that you need to email him asap or you may lose the information when they update." I will add to that, If you have already added material to your documentation log, you need a hobby on top of being an educator:)

Like last year, I will do my best to lay out EE timelines and expectations. We will also continue to work together through the process and not overthink it or stress about it. Here are some key things to know now:

Everyone is using the new Professional Practice Goal from this year which combines the completion of the SLO Process and the PPG - Professional Practices Goal. In the past, the Professional Practices Goal was done as part of a separate Self Assessment of Professional Practices form in MLP-OASYS. There are three main parts to the Professional Practice Goal Form. #1 involves the SLO process, #2 is the Self-Assessment using the six EP Standards (The majority of districts are beginning by having educators reflect at the standard level, not the indicator level), #3 is the actual Professional Practice Goal to be completed. It's a long form, but is it combining two forms required in the past. Here is an example: Professional Practice Goal

So...In a nutshell:

  • SLO / Self-Assessment / PPG all on one form now

  • SLO is self-scored all three years. Evaluator / supervisor uses information from self-scoring from all three years to give a holistic SLO score in summative year. This is the score that is reported to the state.

    • Evaluator / supervisor does not formally approve the SLO goal, but it is appropriate to have collaborative conversations with teachers about their SLOs.

  • SLO is a student learning objective and should be focused on an overall outcome (i.e. running records, PALS, MAP, Smarter Balanced, etc.). This needs to be written in a SMART format.

  • PPG is a personal professional growth goal. This should not be necessarily be focused on a student learning outcome / objective but should instead be personally focused. The PPG should support the SLO. This should be a SMART goal, but can be a bit tougher to write SMART goals for PPGs.

SLO - Summarized Powerpoint from CESA 6 - CLICK HERE


Educator Timeline (for teachers / educational specialists) - CLICK HERE

Words Their Way Info

We will be working through the Words Their Way series this year. Grade 2 will help us through some of the growing pains since they have already put this into action last year. Thanks to Alison, $500 worth of sorts are at the print center getting copied and will be ready for you to use as you feel comfortable and as you learn to use them.

September 18th @ 7:40 we will work through the scoring and talking about the scores of the beginning of the year assessment. Please be sure to give it before that time. You can use the meeting time to score it or review your scores with help from others. REMEMBER- we will work TOGETHER to do this.

Writing Workshop

I would like to briefly add that I LOVE WRITING WORKSHOP and seeing it in action. There is nothing better than walking into a classroom and witnessing 20+ little authors spread around the room quietly drafting, conversing, editing, and publishing. The teacher is calmly sitting next to a student in a comfy area, looking very interested in each word the student is saying about their writing and then providing some thoughtful insight to make that writer go from good to great! At this time, PLEASE just make the kids fall in love with writing. Put all writing curriculum away and get the atmosphere right and make the kids fall in love with their words. This will end up being one of the best times of the day for our students if done right! I can't wait to see this progress throughout the year. Start slow. Support will be provided. Enjoy every moment!

Story Town= Slow Down

At this time, due to balancing a few things...well....maybe more than a few things..., we are going to step back from our full school alignment to storytown. IF you already align yourself to this or parts of it, please continue. We will move in this direction "Full Scale" at a different time....for now we will slow down and no directive will be given in this area.


Remember, SRT is not just a last ditch effort to get a student into Special Education. SRT is a weekly meeting meant to focus on struggling students and to ensure we are doing what we can to support the social, emotional and academic success of the child. If you see any red flags or have concerns, schedule a time to sit down and talk about it. To sign a student up for SRT, you use our Staff website Password is #sailorpride. You will find the link under "Teacher Navigations".

The SRT team is: Principal (Tony), School Psych (Renee Vogel), School Counselor (Jen Woulfe), S/L teachers (Sue, Tanya), Social Worker (Maureen), Lit. Specialist (Alison), Sped (Renee, Jessica), Nurse (as needed), SRO (as necessary)

One Recess Rationale

If you missed the "One recent rational" in past communication, here it is in a nut shell. After sitting through many grade level meetings in addition to data retreats, it was clear that we needed larger blocks of time to get things done. In addition, we needed to schedule I/E blocks at different time as well as some math and some LA so that we could maximize the people that we have to aide students. Now that there is one extended recess, it frees up the schedule. Teachers now have the flexibility to provide "free time" or activity when it best fits their schedule. This can be an incentive as well. Contact the office to see when there are "open gym" times too:)
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