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If I can do it... you can too!

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Welcome to May!

So I am back from my Glam Getaway trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It was a blast seeing so many of my Stella "sisters", lounging poolside, walking the beach with our team leaders to "talk shop", and spending some quality time with my husband. The only thing missing was you all!

Every Glam Getaway has the standard mixing & mingling, lots of cocktails, time with the home office in the pool/cabana, all you can eat or drink included, time to just do what ever you wanted, culminating with a big dinner dance party at the beach after the big group photograph. This year, I am not in that photograph because on this trip, I signed up to go zip-lining with the one and only Danielle Redner. It was one of those snap decisions where you later think - what the heck did I just do! I am terrified of heights, being out of control, and going super fast (unless I'm driving). But the opportunity to spend quality time with the VP of Training was the impetus for clicking that "Sign Up" button.

So ladies... I will share with you that yes, there were tears, yes I wanted to back out a couple of times saying, I can't do this, and yes... there was screaming and maybe even a little cussing. But... I am proud to say I did it! All of it! All twelve lines. The 50mph+ one, the longest one, and the one that was over 500 ft off the ground. That last one made me pause... because honestly... that's freaking high!! But what I found after taking that first step off of the first platform - and you will see it below in all my glory - that it did get a little easier with each one. And by one of the last ones, where you race a team mate, I wanted to go fast and win!

The moral here, at least for me, is that even though I was terrified of heights and was scared to the point of tears and whimpering... I just did it! It just took that first push off the platform - clearly I was pushed ;) to get me going and off to the next one. And while I was still scared, it was a little easier each time (except for that 500 ft one) and in the end... I actually had fun and I "woooo hooo'd" my way down with a smile on my face!

Now while zip-lining and making booking calls are not equally dangerous, and there is very little chance of crying while making a call, the metaphor works. You may start out doing anything, organizing your desk, color coding your calendar, sorting your paperclips by size, other than picking up that phone. But once you jump off that platform and make the call... You will find that while the first one was maybe a little awkward and shaky - you might even call yourself a dork after you hang up. That next call will be easier. And by the 10th call, you will find you are enjoying checking in with these women and you are actually smiling, not making that smile so that my voice sounds happy smile.

If I can do something that literally had me shaking from head to toe and feeling faint at the start and smiling at the end... Than I can certainly make 5 to 10 calls a day to check in with clients and offer them the opportunity to either have a career that they will love, or $100s in free jewelry! I'm not going to lie... my hands may shake a bit at first and my words may not come out perfectly... but I will pick up that phone! Just have to take that first step off the platform...

If I can do it!! So can you!! Join me in committing to making 10 calls a day for the rest of the week. Let's fill our calendars and go into summer with a little blue card that's full of $$$! Let's make this our best May and June ever!!

My Stella & Dot Glam Getaway Zip-line! Punta Cana
My Stella & Dot Glam Getaway Zip-line adventure

Top 10 in Sales for April!

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April Kudos!

Congratulations to Laura Demerle & Mandy Morreale for earning their extra 5% commission raise for selling over $2300! And to Joann Ellis & Jackie Glasscock for qualifying with over $500 in sales!

And a very warm welcome to Laura's new stylist, Kristen Ciambrone from Sudbury Mass!

Here's Laura's welcome to Kristen from Facebook:

"I am thrilled to welcome Kristen Kelly Ciambrone to our team! Kristen and I met a few years ago through our sons, who are the same age. She fell in love with the jewelry, then recently hosted a very successful trunk show and saw how easy it was to embrace Stella & Dot's mission! I am excited for you, Kristen and know you will do very well!"

Congratulations on your new business Kristen! We are all here to support you!

What's Next for May??

Jessica is coming to town!!!

On Wednesday, May 13th, Jessica Herrin is coming to Natick and Weston to celebrate Carrie McGraw's promotion to Star Director! It's a two part evening. First, at 6 there is a Meet Stella & Dot event in Natick at the Hampton Inn. Details are in the Eventbrite below. Be sure to invite anyone you think would love to meet Jessica and hear about the opportunity right from the founder herself! Secondly, for those of you who earned it there will be a dinner with Jessica at my home following the MSD. We are thinking 7:30ish to allow time for the drive over. Congratulations to Laura Demerle & Mandy Morreale for earning an invite to join this special dinner! Kristen Ciambrone, as a brand new stylist, you also have the opportunity to join us. See the Wild Card Invite details below. You can do it!!

We also have several team wide incentives going around... See below for Carrie's incentive AND be sure to check out the Home Office Incentive for May. How cute is this Sparkle & Shine T-shirt? (Stella & Dot is on the hip) I saw it in person, and it's one of the "good" t-shirts. All you need to do is sell $1500 PQV in May by month end! I want to see all of you earn this!!
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Jessica's Meet Stella & Dot Event - Share it!!

First Five to Five by 10....

I used to do this little fun incentive and thought it was time to bring it back in honor of Mother's Day! So... the first 5 of you who are at $500 PQV by May 10th will get a $10 gift card from Starbucks! Already, Laura Demerle & Joann Ellis have earned a free visit to the coffee shop. Who else is next?!?

Heather Stephens - Star Stylist & Mentor