The DiPiet Beat

November 4 - 8

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About this week and some more....

Happenings for this week:


  • Don't forget....Daylight Savings was yesterday
  • Dental Sealant Program for those that signed up


  • Dental Sealant Program for those that signed up


  • Dental Sealant Program for those that signed up


  • YMCA award for DiPietro Dash in the Gym


  • Red, White and Blue Day in honor of our Veterans

Looking Forward:

  • 11/11 - No School - Veterans Day
  • 11/14 - PTO Meeting
  • 11/15 - Fire Safety for Grades 1 & 2

From the Principal's Desk

How lucky are we to have yet another beautiful Saturday?!?

The weeks are just flying by. It's NOVEMBER!! This month owns my favorite holiday...Thanksgiving. It's that holiday where we spend time appreciating one another around the dinner table after having spent the morning at my two of sons', Micah and Lucas, football game. While we have several, there are two traditions in our family that we are most proud of:

1. We, as in I, put a sticker under a random chair every year. Everyone chooses their own seat and just before we sit down everyone looks under their chairs. He/she who has the sticker wears our "turkey hat" for the meal. We always start Thanksgiving with some fun!

2. Any family member is allowed to invite people for Thanksgiving. Usually this is someone whose family is far away. We've been lucky enough to host people from: California, Israel, China, India, Kenya, and Swaziland.

What are your traditions? I encourage you to chat about these as a family. Who knows? Your children may have some new and intriguing ideas.

Just a few updates and some information as we head into the next week:

1. Our phys. ed, art, and music teachers would like to share their newsletter with you. Click here.

2. Mrs. Barros, our school nurse, would like to remind those of you that signed up for the Dental Sealant Program that it will be taking place November 4, 5, & 6 of this week in the nurse's office.

3. Please check out the links we share below. A new one that was added is the STAR site. This site was created by our specialists to provide tips, strategies, and resources to support our families.

4. Please make sure to call the 24 hour absentee line when your child will be absent or significantly late - (508) 883-8029.

5. The Book Fair is ONLY two weeks away! We can't wait here at DiPietro! Click here to learn more about it.

Looking forward to next week!

Your principal,

Mrs. Friedman

Ask Me About....

  1. ...about the pumpkin puppet rhyme.
  2. many squares are in a ten frame.
  3. ...who I sat with at lunch today.
  4. ...what day of the week it is today.

First Grade:

  1. ...about how I use dominoes in math.
  2. ...what a digraph is?
  3. ...some adjectives to describe a pumpkin.
  4. act of kindness I did today, or will do tomorrow.
  5. ...what day of the week it is today.

Second Grade:

  1. ...personal success I had this week and ask me to share the steps I took to meet that success.
  2. of the week it is today.

Third Grade:

  1. ...about the new November Number Corner Activity: The Great Fraction Race.
  2. ...what a character trait is and let me give you an example from a book I've been reading either at home or school.
  3. ...personal success I had this week and ask me to share the steps I took to meet that success.
  4. ...what day of the week it is today.