Canidate Alexis Goolsby

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What can she do?

That is a question in everyone's mind. What can she do? What cant she do? There are many things she can do. There are problems in this society that she would like to fix. For example drones and discrimination are two very big issues that Alexis is trying to fix. She feels that these issues can be solved quite quickly if everyone came together and helped out. She also feels that gay marriages should be allowed. She does not think there is anything wrong with being gay. There are many more issues in this world we face today, but if you vote Alexis the world can change for the better. Everyone has rights for what they believe in and this is what she believes in.
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Drones are a big issue for Alexis. She believes that they can cause property damage and costs a lot to repair for the damage. She believes that drones should be terminated. They are dangerous and could lead to death. It may be rare, but it is still possible. Even though some think they are helpful, she believes they are quite an issue for people safety.


Discrimination is also big issue for Alexis. Even though its not as bad as it was back

then it is still intact . There are reports of it. There are expirements held to prove that it is still going on. One problem she will fix if you allow her to become your very proud president is unequal rights. She believes everyone is created equal. She believes everyone has the ability to decide what they think is better. She believes everyone has power.

"Be the change..." quote by Mahatma Gandhi

About Alexis

Alexis is a fun loving person who always has a smile on her face. She is witty and 100% a risk taker. She is very serious about this election and she would be so ecstatic and proud to be called your president. She believes everyone is entitled to power. She has hopes and dreams. She is always up for a good challenge and never gives up. She is independent and is very mature with decisions. She treats everyone with respect and has responsibility.