Prosperous Times

For many Americans, the postwar years were prosperous times. New strides in technology and new economic markets gave many good jobs. Even though many Americans thought that poverty was impossible, it wasn't. 40 million American citizens lived in poverty, overlooked by generalizations from the ever prosperous American public. New items became available to the average working class citizens that were once not available because it was unaffordable or unavailable due to the war effort. The booming economy and limitless luxury items available at moderate costs were why the many American citizens called the postwar America a prosperous one.

Television Market

With the rise of the popularity of the television, many companies took advantage of the new advertising industry to aim their products directly at American families. However, the new advertising market came with a hefty cost. In 1950 the money spent on televisions advertisements reached $170 million, and by 1960, $2 billion was spent in the advertising industry. Not only was the new advertising industry booming, but the introduction of new shows was as well. New sitcoms, westerns and cartoons were also on the rise. New products were produced to cater to families with televisions, like the TV Dinners. A product revolutionized for families so that they could bring fast, cheap and easy dinners to eat during their programs. Many different markets took off and prospered because of just one.