Pittman Update Week of 10/17/16

Developing our strengths through leading and learning.

Week at a Glance:

Monday 10/17

  • No School - Professional Learning/Work Day
  • 7:45 Breakfast
  • 8:00 Writers Workshop (all)
  • 8:50 Guided Reading Plus (1st & 2nd grade & SPED)
  • 9:40 Literature Discussion/Comprehension (grades 3-5) OR Differentiated Instruction for non literacy teachers (Emily, Karen, Patrick, Susan, Josh)
  • 10:30 Getting started with small groups (Kindergarten)
  • The remainder of your time is WORK time. Get your grade cards started/finished

Tuesday 10/18

  • 3:15 PM Faculty Meeting in room 113

Wednesday 10/19

  • 2:00 Eagle Time

Thursday 10/20

  • 3:00 Schweitzer Tutoring

Friday 10/21

  • AM Supervision in APR: Inman
  • 7:45 AM IGNiTE Project Team Meeting (LIbrary)
  • 8:20 AM Picture day (in the GYM) EVERYONE must get their picture taken!
  • 6:00 PM PTA Trunk or Treat (if you did not attend Movie Night, you need to attend this event)


  • Don't forget to send your class clipboard to specials & lunch
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Desktop Computer Removal

FYI- the IT department will be in our building the week of November 21-23 to remove desktop computers, net books, etc. BE READY!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conference time is right around the corner. It's structured a little differently this year, in that, you are able to spread conferences over a two week period (10/24-11/4). Here are the guidelines as outlined in the Administrative Practices and Procedures:

Looking ahead to conference week, I wanted to remind you of the expectations. From the district Administrative Practice Handbook:

2.5 Conference Week/Day (October 24 – November 4, 2016) It is the desire of the District and staff to strongly encourage all parents to attend Parent/Teacher Conferences. Each teacher should endeavor to conduct conferences at times which would be conducive for all parents (to include working parents). Staff should schedule parents for conference during their conference hours and before/after school planning times during the October 24 – November 4 Conference Week. November 7 is designated as a contract day (7 hours, 15 minutes) for Parent Teacher Conferences. The contract time of November 7 (7 hours, 15 minutes) may be used in a variety of schedules to meet the needs of the parents:

(1) Be scheduled entirely on November 7, and ending no earlier than 7:30 p.m.

(2) Be scheduled on November 7 (½ day) and one evening during Conference Week (the evening to end no earlier than 7:30 p.m.).

(3) Be scheduled one evening during Conference Week (the evening to end no earlier than 7:30 p.m.) with the remainder of the contract time to be added to other evenings within the two weeks. This option means that staff will not be required to work on November 7.

Any deviation from the established dates in the Board adopted calendar will require that a waiver request be approved by the appropriate Executive Director of Learning.

As we have done in the past, we do option number 3. Our late night for conferences is Thursday, October 27th. Everyone is required to stay until 7:30 PM. That leaves 3 hours and 15 minutes that need to be spread out over the remaining days in order to not report to work on November 7th.

Please leave a copy of your conference schedule with Andy so that when parents call, she can assist them. It is always our goal to get 100% participation from our parents.

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Dates to Remember

Oct 24-Nov 4 Parent Teacher Conferences

Oct 24-28 Red Ribbon Week

Oct 24 - Mobile Dairy (K-2 only)

Oct 31 - Celebration Assembly

Nov 3 - PTA Meeting 6:00 PM (LIbrary)

Nov 7 - No School

Nov 8 - No School - Professional Learning/Work day

Nov 11 - Veterans day Assembly (8:45 AM)