Maycomb County

The setting, characters, and business

Setting of Maycomb County

Scout lives in Maycomb County with her brother Jem. Maycomb County is an old town in Alabama. The weather is gloomy, it rained and made puddles everywhere and during the summer Scout describes it as "hotter than a black dog suffered on a summer's day"pg 6. Maycomb is a small town so everyone knows every one which means no secrets are safe.

Characters in Maycomb

The main characters are Scout,Jem, and Atticus. Scout is the narrator of the story, her real name is Jean Louise Finch but she goes by Scout. Jem is Scout's brother, his real name is Jeremy Atticus Finch but he goes by Jem, one thing about Jem is that he never turns down a dare when one comes his way. Atticus is the father of Scout and Jem, he is around 50 years old and he loves to read and play checkers. Calpurnia is the cook of the Finch household, she is African American. Dill is Jem and Scout's best friend, he visits every summer and Jem and Scout always look forward to him coming. And last but not least there is Boo Radley, he is the neighbor of Scout and Jem. Jem, Scout, and Dill are very curious about him during the summer considering he hasent come out of his house in 15 years.

Business in Maycomb County

The business in Maycomb is just like any other town.There is an average cafe in the town square, a town hall, a school, and a neighborhood where Jem and Scout live. The jobs that you could have are a Lawyer, teacher, a farmer, principle, maid/cook, or a stay at home mom. The Negroes work out in the fields picking crops or as a garbage man. Atticus is a lawyer, Calpurnia is a stay at home maid/cook.