Snow Day Digital Learning

Create something cool on your extra day off from school.

Turn off your TV, Stop CONSUMING content and CREATE IT!!

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Describe the snow outside your window on our Padlet. Be sure to include a picture or a video.

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Write a new post for our Kidblog class blog describing what you did at home today. Be sure to include a photo.

Make a snow accumulation prediction.

Fill out the Google Form below to predict how much snow will fall in Lawrence today.

Build a Snowman with Google Slides

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Create a snow day storyboard on Storyboard That.

Create a video or audio post reflecting on your snow day with Seesaw or Flipgrid.

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Write Winter Magnetic Poetry With Google Drawings

Write a review for any (or all) of the activities below.

Build a Snowflake

Brain Twisters Trivia Game

Snow-Themed Educational Video Games