Costa Rica

Costa Rica The Awesome


1.Costa Rica covers 19,730 square miles.

2.It is hot and humid in Costa Rica.

3.It is 64 degrees F to 81degrees F.


1.Columbus arrived in Costa Rica in 1502.

2.In 1821, Costa Rica joined ther Central American Nations.

3.Jose Figueres Ferrer led an interim government.


1.Dispite a relative lack of minerals and other traditional resources.

2.Low world prices for agricutural products. processing, textiles, and construction matirials.


Day1: Today I am starting my travel. I paid $850 to get on. I did not like some of the food they served. It just looked like slop.

Day2: I woke up and I went to the river. The reason I went there was to go white water rafting. It was a lot of fun. I ate three burgers at the end of the day.

Day3: Today I went to the national park. It was a huge park. I left at 4:30pm. When I got home, I made a sandwich.

Day4: I went to the musum today. We seen alot of history stuff. It was cool to see the stuff from backthen. I got so hungry so I got a burger.

Day5: I went to a place were you can do hot springs. It was kind of fun. So I got home and got two sandwiches.

Day6: I had a blast when I went ziplining. I had so much fun that I did it again. So I went home had a barrito and than packed up.

Day7: I am just geting on the plane. I had to pay another $850. I had a lot of fun when I was there.