What's Happening at the Ranch!

Week of February 8, 2016

Shout Outs

Shout out to Kim and Carolyn for keeping me sane and answering 17 million questions as I embark on my 1st journey through 4 year plans. One week down, 3 to go. ~ Janet

Shout out to Sarah, Nimet, and Lindsay for all your hard work selling carnations at lunch. They sold out on Friday!

Ranch Keeping

Our lovely new computers in the labs are sustaining some damage already. Let's take care of them! Computer lab doors should be locked and closed when unattended...not locked and propped. If you are in the lab with a class, please monitor so letters, keys, memory cards and RAM do not go missing. Food and drinks should not be allowed in the labs.

Please be sure you are monitoring tardies and issuing consequences. Once they have worked through the plan, be sure to issue a Friday Night Roundup.

Students in the hallways during class should have hall passes. Please make sure everyone has a pass and that you're only sending out one student at a time. Thank you for your help with this!

For safety and security sake, be mindful that no classes should be left unattended. If you need a break and must leave the students asap, please call the front office and we'll come try to help!

Email Wendy if you want something in the newsletter!

What's on Deck this Week

Monday, Feb 8th -

8th grade basketball at 6:00. Girls @ CMS, Boys @ Otto

Tuesday, Feb 9th - 7:40 Leadership meeting

7th grade basketball at 6:00. Boys @ Otto, Girls @ CMS

Wednesday, Feb 10th - Wear your Reading Games shirt and enter in your minutes!

PTA Pizza fundraiser at lunch. Adults can buy tickets, too!

Thursday, Feb 11th - 7:45 and 3:40 Cowboy Production Meetings (Please have your duty covered and do not leave kids in your room unattended for tutorials.)

*This meeting is our mandatory STAAR testing training. Please be sure to attend so Kim won't have to do a 3rd session! :)

B Team basketball tournaments start Thursday through Saturday

Friday, Feb 12th -

FNR (We need someone to work this one!)

Coming Soon...

Feb 29th - Open House from 6:00 - 7:30. Student vs Staff volleyball game will start around 7:15.