The Mark of Athena Rick Riordan

Jake Fisher Reviews

Suspense, suspense, suspense!

If you're the type of person who likes a little suspense in your books, then this book is right up your alley. Rick Riordan really can cook up a good book when he needs to. This book right here is a great example of Rick writing with passion. Mr. R. puts a lot of suspense in this book to keep readers wanting more and to keep them interested. The amount of suspense in this novel is absolutely unmatchable to any other I have ever read. With this suspense, the book becomes a lot more interesting and makes it such a great read.

Intensity, intensity, intensity!

Were you born wanting to experience the most wild, adventurous, and intense things in life? Well if you were, i'd suggest giving my good pal Rick Riordan's book The Mark of Athena a read. Among all the adventures that the seven main characters go on fighting Greek and Roman gods, the amount of action that happens is absolutely amazing; there is hardly a dull moment in this great book. I was sweating bullets reading this because of the amount of intensity Rick places in this. I would strongly suggest reading this book if you've been looking for a little excitement in your life.

You shall be terror stricken!

BOO! Did i scare you there? I know you were very scared there and I know you enjoyed your heart skipping a beat because you were so scared. If you'd like to experience a thrill like that again, I'd suggest reading The Mark of Athena by an old pal of mine from Texas, Rick Riordan. Rick writes with such amazing detail that his descriptions of monsters and scenes are sure to leave you crying for mommy under your bed sheets. I guarantee this book will be the scariest thing you've ever read. You probably didn't know a book could be this scary. If you are feeling a little brave and want a good scare or just want to get rid of some hiccups, this book is what the doctor ordered.
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