El Loco Chepe Open at 6am to 12am

David Ayala-Spanish 4th-Mr. Ramos


Menudo/$5.00-This soup uses ingredients such as pigs feet. It is flavored with ancho and chiles as well as onions/ Es un sopa con patas puerko y tienes ancho, chiles, y sevoyas.

Arroz con Leche/$3.50-Dish made from rice mixed with water or milk and has ingredients such as cinnamon. Es un sopa con arroz, y leche o agua y es muy rico.

Posole/$6.00- It is simmered with hominy in a broth seasoned with chiles and garlic/ Es un sopa como Menudo pero no tiene patas de puerko con limon.

Chicken Avocado Soup/$7.20- A lightly flavored chicken broth with chunks of avocado,tomato and onion/ U sopa tiene carne con avocados, tomatos, y sevoyas.


Jalapeno Poppers/$.99-12 Jalapenos stuff with cream and Bacon and is grilled with bacon wrapped around/ es jalepenos con tocino arerdedo.

Nachos with Cheese or Sauces/$.50-Nachos with your choice cheese or our delicious hot sauce/ Es nachos con queso o salsa.

Taquitos/$1.00-12 Taquitos- A small tortilla rolled around a filling of meat and cheese and deep-fried. Es un apertivo, tiene un tortilla arerdedo y tienes carne y queso.

Quesedillas/$1.00- 10 Quesedillas-Flour Tortillas with cheese and has little grilled chicken pieces. Es tortillas con queso y tiene carne adentro.


Chicken Salad/$4.30- A salad with grilled chicken strips and vegetables with lemon.

Mexican Chopped Salad/$6.99- A salad with lots of chopped meat and vegetables.

Mexican Pineapple Salad/$5.99- A salad as the chicken salad but include a good amount of pineapple and apple.

Vegetable Salad/$3.00- A regular salad that will have all the vegetables you decide!

Platos principales

Enchiladas- You can have mexican rice or white, can have beans or avocado/ se peude tener arroz de blanco o de mexicano, y tienes frijoles o avacodo.

Tamales- They are tamales, you can have red meat or regular meat with jalepenos, and you choose if you want beans or avocado/ se puede tener carne rojo o carne y se puede tener frijoles o avacodos.

Crane Asada- Carne asada is the thinly sliced, grilled beef served so often in tacos and burritos/ es carne servi con tacos o burritos.

Hot Dogs- Its a hot dog with cheese, beans, and onions.

Tortas- Its a big sand which that has many ingredaints


Jaritos- Its a Mexican soda that has many different flavors/ Estan sodas de mexicanos.

Agua de Horchata- Its While in some countries the drink is usually "milky", other ingredients often include sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla/ Es agua con azucar , vanilla, y canela.

Orange Juice- Homemade orange juice, (squeezed) .- Es jugo de naranja

Agua- Just plain water that's clean!!!- Es agua!!!!

Agua de Frutas- Its really fruits sliced up and pour into water including the fruit juice with sugar. Es jugo de frutas porque tiene fruta adentro.

Coffee- Everybody knows this drink why explain?- Es cafe!!!


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