MidSummer Nights Dream Play

By:Abbey Patrick, Julie Ryan, Ethan Livingston,Rohan Puppala

Act 2, Scene 2 , Lines 41-91

Hermia and Lysander are sleeping in the woods and Puck mistakes him for Demetris and puts the flower juice in Lysanders eyes instead of Demetris and makes Lysander in love with Helena instead of Demetris.

"When thou wakest let love forbid. Sleep his seat on thy eyelid. So awake when I am gone; For I must now to Oberon."

Puck says when Lysander wakes up he'll be in love with Helena.Puck messed up by putting the flower juice in Lysanders eyes instead of Demetris's eyes.

Character Analysis-Hermia

Hermia-hermia is one of the main characters in this play.Hermia is significant to the play because the play revolves around her and Lysander's love.Hermia is encountering a test of love due to her father who doesn't want her to be with Lysander even though they're in love. Her father feels that her thoughts of love don't matter and that whatever the man thinks, is whats best.Hermias loyalty towards Lysnder makes her fight for him even more when he "doesnt" love her anymore.

Character Analysis- Lysander

He is significant because he is Hermias lover, and he is a vital part to the plot. Lysander is encountering a conflict in which hermias father disapproves of him.He and hermia are trying to run away to the forest.Lysander is to passionate and it is causing the story to backfire.when puck puts the love juice on lysanders eyes,he becomes passionate for helena.
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Character analysis-puck

puck is significant because he accidentally brakes up hermia and lysander by putting the love potion on the wrong person
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