Help Wanted

By: Angelique & Angelica

We need more help on our cell wall!

Positions are open! Our Cell wall needs more people, come help us protect the insides of our cells. Such as Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell Membrane, Mitochondria and Vacuole.

Describing our cell wall

The cell wall is hard stiff outer covering, that provides and support protection for our cell wall, we are only found in plant cells.

How we will paid you!

an insoluble substance, vegetable fibers such as cotton. It help you to be stronger!

Knowledge and Skills

Skills & Knowledge-
You have to how to...
  • Strong-you can easily learn that at the gym with a personal trainer or something
  • Supportive-you can learn that at school or you can get a job as a waitress or something

Science period 6 October 10 2013

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