What has the region been up to?


Shalom UPSTATE NY! We hope everyone had an amazing summer! Of course we are all sad to be starting school again, however, with the start of another amazing school year means the start of another fantastic year of NCSY. This year we thought we would try something new and send newsletters (as you can see, since you just received this one) with a bunch of cool stuff inside including what everyone has been up to and future events you should totally be looking forward to.

Mrs. B

I am sure most of you have heard about the passing of our beloved Mrs B. She was a dedicated advisor and mentor to Upstate NY. Her spirit and ruach will truly be missed. Below is a link of sweatshirts made by Buffalo. The money will be donated in her honor.


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Meet Your Regional Board

Yarchei Kallah

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, 12am to Sunday, Dec. 27th, 12am

Stamford, CT, United States

Stamford, CT

Are you thinking "Man, I am so bored with Upstate people and I wish I could meet Jewish teens from all over the world" If that is exactly your mentality right now then sign up for Yarchei Kallah. This is an amazing program for teens 9th grade-12th grade to get together and meet, learn, and befriend individuals who participate in NCSY from all over the world.

It takes place during winter break so you do not even need to worry about missing too much school for it. Sign up now!


Crazy Corner

Want to know what your favorite advisors are thinking? Well we sat down with them and asked them a bunch of questions, and here is how they responded... See if you can guess who it is!
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Chapter Update

Albany kicked off the year with amazing ruach. Back in September, their advisers came in for a Shabbaton. They began their fun filled weekend with tie-dye on Thursday, followed by Shabbos lunch on Saturday. Saturday night, they said goodbye to Shabbos with havdalah, then participated in their local Slichot service and Kumsitz, followed by an icecream social and s'mores! The fellow Albanians could not have brought better ruach to these events.


"With the end of summer and the beginning of school, it is important to remember and focus on what is important in life. In order to do this, we must take a little time each day, whether in the morning or before we go to bed, and pray to Hashem. Even if you don't know certain prayers, you could thank Hashem for blessing you, and ask for forgiveness for sins. Being able to connect spiritually, will help you connect to other aspects in your life."



On behalf of everyone in the region who participated in our Fall Shabbaton, we would like to send a tremendous thank you for bringing such amazing ruach and kindness to our first regional event of the year. We all had the amazing opportunity to study and really dive into the topic of Shabbos and what it means to each and everyone of us. As we learned, there is no right or wrong take away from this topic. In addition, our NCSYers dove head first into social media and the influence it has over the Israel and Middle East conflicts. They partnered up with StandWithUs and learned how to adequately challenge antisemitism over social media sights. Of course the whole weekend was not dedicated to learning. After havdalah, they all went to.... GLOWGOLF! They all had an amazing time playing miniature golf, going through a laser maze, and practicing their boxing skills. Wow, what fun right? I bet you are thinking "Man, I wish i decided to sign up." Well don't worry because in February Albany will be hosting its annual winter Shabbaton! That's right we are counting down the days!

What fellow NCSYers have to say about fall regional

"Fall regional gave me an uplifting look into the future for not just the Buffalo Chapter, but for upstate NCSY as a whole"- Maya Fox

"NCSY is where I really feel at home and can truly express myself. It is so nice to spend the whole weekend connecting with Jewish teens, especially in today's society. I do not know what I would do without NCSY"- anonymous

"I had exciting moments with people I can not wait to see again!"-Davi Ginsberg

Our Crazy Advisors

Our advisors over at YU have recorded this awesome video that is full of our well known upstate schtick. Check out their video here.



Did you guess Atara Berman? If you did, your right!