Latin America


mexico, mexico city

i am starting in mexico and going to Brasilia Brazil my transportation is a private jet because there is no road accesses between those to capitals.they are 6,832 KM apart mexico country coordinates are 92 degrees 24 N 99 degrees 09 the capital is northern western of the country the climate is cool and dry and the capital city is on a lake basin.the two human futures are the Aztec ruins and the ancient Mayans ruins .one of the modifications is the air pollution mexico is one of the third city in the world that has the worst air pollution. one accommodation is the cheap labor the people of mexico don't depend on there country the two movements are by cargo trucks and by rails. regoins are they speak Spanish most of the pepole of mexico are catholic family is very close and the mexicans have a army


from mexico city to brassilia,brazil

the coordinates for this capital city is 15 degrees 46 S and 47 degrees 55 W the country coordinates 10,500 degrees south and 52.9500 degrees W the relative location is northwest of the country of brazil the two physical futures are warm and mild climate, and the capital is in a valley area 2 human futures are pollution of the air and the statue of Jesus in Rio. One modification they did in there environment was air pollution one accommodation to the environment are jobs the people of brazil don't depend on there country as like in Mexico they are on there own 2 movements are air travel and ground. the regions are they speak Portuguese 2. most Brazilians are catholic 3. Brasilia holds festivals for creativity and celebration 4. they are a democratic government

santiago chile

my transportation from brazil is a Bugatti to my third destination which is Santiago Chile they are 2,354 KM away from each other.34 degrees 36 S 58 degrees 22 54 S and the country is 34 degrees 36 S 58 degrees 22 54 S the relative location is southern south for the capital two physical futures are warm and mild climate and have much of earthquakes