1930's fashion trends


famous designer

There was many famous fashion designers in the 1930's. For example like maggie rouff, edward molyneux and lucien lelong. But the one much more famous designer would have to be Madeleine Vionnet. Madeleine vionenet is a famous french fashion designer in the 1930's who impacted all women. She was the one who had made the halter neck and the cowl neck soo famous. Using her technique designers were able to produce magnificent gowns in satins, crepe-de-chines, silks, crepes and chiffons by cross cutting the fabric, creating a flare and fluidity of drapery that other methods could not achieve. Many of the gowns could be slipped over the head and came alive when put on the human form. Some evening garments made women look like Grecian goddesses whilst others made them look like half naked amazing looking ladies. Certain of her gowns still look quite contemporary. "The dress must not hang on the body but follow its lines. When a woman smiles the dress must smile with her". -madeleine vionnet. With all this said madeleine vionnet's voice and fashion era is still active till this day in paris and impacting many more countries.

men and women's fashion

The clothes that men and women wore were less extravagant for the most part during the 1930's. most of the of the patterns that were used in clothing was called “cross cut bias” for women. Edward the III was a major figure during these times for male fashion. He is seen in short, baggy knee pants known as “Plus Fours” along with a round-necked schoolboy sweater for men.

how is fashion important in "to kill a mockingbird"?

Fashion is very important in "To kill a Mockingbird". Because back then people would judge you alot on the way you looked. Especially if you were African American. On the book Calpurnia talks and tells Scout on how she has start dressing on her age and start dressing proper , not like a tom boy. So Scout had to start wearing dresses to school. And also aunt alexandria "She's kind of woman who wears a corset even under her bathrobe" this shows how she is always trying to look her best, even if its a little exagerating. I also think that "colored folks" would try to dress their best so they can at least receive a little bit of respect from the white people.