Ulysses S. Grant

Connor Rowe

Date of Birth / Death Info

He was born April 27 , 1822.

He died on July 23, 1885.

Childhood And Family

His father was Jesse R. Grant and his mom was Hannah Grant.

He was born when his family was very poor.

When he got older he had a wife and kids.

His son wrote a book on him.


He was more educated un-like all of his friends that went to school with him.
Being more educated than his friends led him to getting accepted into West Point Naval Academy.

Important life events

He became the General of the Union army.

He was accepted into West Point Naval Academy.

He learned how to ride a horse at age 5.

He was earned one of the best known general in the Union army.


He got to finish off General Lee's army and win the Civil War.

He became the 18th President of the United States of America.

He got to sign the treaty that ended the war.

Interesting Facts

He toured China in 1879.

His house is in Galena, Illinois.

Full name was Hiram Ulysses Grant.

He was President 1869 - 1877