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My Size Fits Me in the Global Classroom

On September 25, 2015, 193 world leaders committed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Our world is becoming smaller in that we will be voting on global issues by 2020. Technology is making bringing the world to our fingertips and making all things more accessible. Therefore, our students are relying on us to provide them the global knowledge to be competitive with international students. Global Education should be easily integrated into core curriculums by creating interdisciplinary programs. "My Size Fits Me" pertains to the global classroom because all teachers are not going to create globalization opportunities for their students the same way. However, all educators need to start somewhere...Union County Public School students count on you to prepare them for the future. As UCPS Global Teacher Leaders, our goal is to provide you with technology links, curriculum ideas, and international ideas so you can seamlessly incorporate global education into your classroom.

More Ideas for Classroom Implementation

The Global Teacher Leaders always have excellent ideas to share. They have many other resources like flipcharts and lesson ideas. Listed below are GTL's that would be more than willing to email or talk to you regarding their ideas.

  • Michelle Ruby (GTL from Poplin Elem.) shared a way to turn 1st grade math story problems into a global lesson.
  • Brenda Todd (GTL from Rocky River Elem.) shared ideas for teaching Agriculture Around the World as it relates to soil for 1st/3rd grade and weather/climate for 2nd grade. Here is a link to WebQuests on agriculture.
  • Katrina Waltower (GTL from Weddington Elem.) shared a lesson on openness.
  • Jodi Robinson (GTL from Unionville Elem.) shared how to share links and pages directly out to your students that are enrolled in your Google Classroom by adding “Share to Classroom” as an extension on your computer. Then have the students add the extension “Share to Classroom”. Once students open a new page… your screen can be sent to them by
    • clicking the Classroom icon at the top bar

    • choosing which classroom to share it with

About Us

Please feel free to email or contact any one of the Global Teacher Leaders mentioned above or below. Contact information below is for Dr. Rachel Clarke.

– Kelley Contrera (Kensington Elem.) – Erica Southard (Indian Trail Elem.) – Julie Van Olden (Marvin Ridge HS)