Homer Hickam Jr.

The Rocket Boy

Early Years

Homer Hickam was born on February 19th, 1943. He was a young boy in highschool when he first began with his rockets. He lived in Coalwood, West Virginia. Coalwood was a small town that ran on coal, hence the name Coalwood. His father was the captain of the coal company.

He launched his rocket in his backyard, a small experiment which resulted in the destruction of at least 1/4 of his fence.

It's the Hard Life (Obstacles)

Living in Coalwood wasn't an easy task. His family was poor, running off of money his father, Homer Hickam, made as Captain of the Coal Company. People also believed, when he first started, he didn't have a shot of going anywhere with rockets. Especially his father. Homer's father only supported Homer's older brother, Jim. Jim was in football and had a football scholarship going for him.

His father, after a considerable amount of time, started to support him slowly. He hesitantly gave land to Homer so he and the others could test fuel and launch rockets without causing disruption in Coalwood.

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"Members of the Big Creekk Missile Agency make ready to launch a rocket. From left to right are 'Sonny' Hickam, Quentin Wilso, Roy Cooke, and Jimmy Carrol."

This was the newspaper article for one of the Rocket Boys' launch. The two boys missing were Sherman and Billy, the other Rocket Boys. "They weren't able to make the photo session." Homer writes in his memoir October Sky.

Such an Inspiration

Homer has taught a basic lesson in his book, which was an old but underused lesson. "Follow your dreams and make it happen." Even with this little support he got, he still pursued to fly his rocket. This is a personal inspiration to me, especially since he didn't have a whole lot of support from his family (excluding his mother).

What now?

Homer Hickam is now a author of many different books, including "Carrying Albert Home" ,"The Coalwood Way", and "Sky of Stone". He is considered successful as he didn't make it as a scientist, but as a great author of his many books. I recommend reading them as he is an amazing author
Homer Hickam talks about Coalwood, WV and Sputnik (1 of 3)

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