Best Country in the World?

Where to?

Are you looking for a new place to move/immigrate to? Well then, why not our beloved O Canada? There are so many reasons to move here. If you're interested, read on!

Come Here for the Pull Factors!

Canada is the best place in the world to live because there are more pull factors than push factors that bring immigrants into the country. Some pull factors that attract immigrants to Canada are free health care, good education, many job opportunities, a democratic government, and freedom of religion. There are very little reasons that people decide to not come to Canada and that is mainly the cold weather and isolation. Canada also has high taxes, although after all the benefits that permanent residents and citizens get, most people do not complain about the taxes. Canada is made up of 60% of immigrants in the population which is more than any other country. Every year, Canada accepts approximately 250 000 people to immigrate to the country. The immigration in the country means that Canada is a very multicultural society which means that a lot of people from different countries want to come and live in Canada. When a country is the most immigrated country in the world, you know that it has many good pull factors and that says that Canada is a fantastic place to live in.

the Economy in Canada is Strong!

In Canada, the economy is very strong for many reasons. We are very prepared when it comes to natural disasters. The country does not get a lot of them, but if it does, the people are well prepared and the cities are usually back to normal in a couple of days. Because of this, Canada does not have a lot of disaster and that means our economy remains strong. Having a strong economy is very important for a good life in a country because a strong economy would result in a cheaper lifestyle of people living in the country. Canada also has oil sands in Alberta which are a huge part of the economy. They are harmful in some ways and recently, people have been trying to figure out how to extract the oil in a safe way. Canada is a major supplier of oil to the USA so without the oil sands, our economy would not be as strong as it is right now. In conclusion, Canada's economy remains strong which proves that it is an excellent place to live in.

An Extremely Developed Country

Canada is an extremely developed country because of its imports and exports. Canada imports and exports with many different countries. Some things exported are, lumber, fish and oil as we have a lot of them in the country. We import many goods from China, USA, Germany, some more developing countries like India or Bangladesh and many more. Canadian citizens have many luxuries because we are a very developed country. Most countries in the world are developing or are newly industrialized, but Canadian is amongst the few that are developed, which makes it one, if not the best place to live in

A Fantastic Country That Controls Urban Sprawl

Canada is a country that deals well with urban sprawl by making sustainable communities. Canada has very little dependable farmland. This precious farmland is being used for malls, houses, and other uses. Canada is dealing with urban sprawl by creating more sustainable, compact, and higher density communities serviced by the public transit, bike paths and walking trails. This would all be surrounded by local greenbelts of protected farmland and green space. This shows that Canada is a country taking steps to control urban sprawl and it also shows that it is a fantastic place to live in.

So... IS Canada the best place to live in?