Melaleuca For Tracy

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When I said I would email you later that day, I really meant I would email you three days later. You know me. I said you would be great at Melaleuca because you fit the description. For instance, you care about the environment. You care about your health and the health of those around you. You like money (and who doesn't)? You know lots of people who fit the description, too!

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Each month, shop Melaleuca's catalog first, replacing national brands with toxic chemicals with the natural products Melaleuca offers. You aren't spending money you don't have. You are redirecting your spending. Share the company with friends who fit the description to grow your business and earn a commission, or simply just be a preferred customer. Sharing the business with 8 people pays for your monthly order. Sharing with 20 or more earns you an income. You can see the products and the prices at To purchase at the preferred customer price you have to enroll. I can help you with enrollment.

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