Miss Branchick's Newsletter

February 1-5, 2016

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Report Cards

Please make sure to send the envelope back into school when you are finished with it. I would like to reuse as many as I can from quarter to quarter.

Thank you!

Scholastic Book Orders

Every month I am going to send home Scholastic Book Order forms. You can either write a check or order your books online. Our class code is MC9FK. All orders help our classroom library grow!!

Orders can be submitted any time you or I place an order because I have free shipping this year =)


I placed a HUGE order in January thanks to a DCEF grant. Scholastic sent us a class set of coupons for a FREE $5 book pick when you spent $10 or more in February.

I don't want these to go to waste, so if you place an order- let me know, and I will have your child pick one out here at school! You can still place your order online or via check sent into school.

New book order forms will be going home this week.

New Daily Schedule

Starting on Monday, January 4th, writing and RTI times have flip-flopped. Below is our modified daily schedule-

7:25-7:50 am Morning Routine/Breakfast

7:50-8:30 am Writing

8:30-8:35 am Snack/Restroom Break

8:38-9:23 am Specials

9:25-9:30 am Restroom Break

9:30-10:30 am Math

  • 9:30-11:10 Extended Math on M/W/F

10:30-11:10 am Social Sciences (only on T/Th)

11:15-11:35 am Lunch

11:35-11:55 am Recess

12:00-12:40 pm RTI/Reading Stations

12:45-2:15 pm 90-minute reading block

2:15-2:25 pm Afternoon Routine/Dismissal

This week in room 506


Miss Branchick's Math Class-

Unit 14- Metric Measurement

Monday- Vocabulary and Lesson 15-1 Using CM and DM

Tuesday- Lesson 15-2 Using M and KM

Wednesday- Lesson 15-3 Units of Capacity

Thursday- Lesson 15-4 Units of Mass

Friday- Real World Problems and Review

Monday- Review and Assess

Tuesday- Math Acuity Test


3.M.2- I can choose/use units/tools to estimate/measure length, weight, and temperature.

3.M.1- I can estimate/measure for mass, volume; solve real-world problems with mass/volume.

Social Studies:

Chapter 4- U.S. Government

Tuesday Feb 2- U.S. Government Intro "Why do we have government?"

Thursday Feb 4- "Why do we have government?" Activity

Tuesday Feb 9- Our Democracy

Thursday Feb 11- Branches of Government

Tuesday Feb 16- Levels of Government

Thursday Feb 18- Project Time

Tuesday Feb 23- Review/Project Presentations

Thursday Feb 25- Assessment


3.2.1- Discuss reasons for government and identify the goods and services they provide.

3.2.2- Know the significance of democratic principles and ideals.

3.2.3- Explain the duties of local and state government officials who make, implement and enforce laws

3.2.4- Explain that the U.S. has three levels of government, each with special duties and responsibilities.


We will be wrapping up our Persuasive Essays by the end of this week. Essays are due Friday, February 5th.


3.W.1- I can write routinely over a variety of time frames.

3.W.2.1- I can write neatly in print or cursive.

3.W.3.1- I can write persuasive compositions that:

-state the opinion in an intro statement/paragraph

-support the opinion with reasons in an organized way

-connect opinion and reasons using words/phrases

provide a concluding statement/paragraph


Unit 4 Week 1

Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions

Skill: Point of View

Genre: Folktale

Vocabulary Strategy: Root Words

Phonics: Variant Vowels- /u/ (oo, ew, u_e, ue, u, ui, ou and /u/ oo, ou

Spelling Words:

1. spoon

2. gloom

3. booth

4. classroom

5. tube

6. include

7. clues

8. through

9. groups

10. chew

11. renew

12. shook

13. childhood

14. notebook

15. could


1. aroma- An aroma is a pleasant or agreeable smell or fragrance.

2. expect- To expect means to think or suppose something.

3. flavorful- When something is flavorful, it is tasty and full of flavor.

4. graceful- Something that is graceful is beautiful or pleasing in design, movement, or style

5. healthful- Healthful things are wholesome and good for your health.

6. interrupted- When something is interrupted, it is stopped for a time or broken off.

7. luscious- Something that is luscious smells or tastes delicious.

8. variety- A variety is a number of different things.

After School Tutoring

IREAD and ISTEP are quickly approaching and I want to make sure that every child feels prepared and ready to take these tests, but there are only so many hours in a day. If you feel like your child would benefit from some after school tutoring, please let me know and I can email or send home a verified tutor list from our school.

I am on this list and have availability to tutor. I am currently only tutoring in math (because I love math and frankly I would teach this all day if I could). I can also recommend someone who would best fit with your child from the list.


Below are links to the websites students will have access to at school and at home:

Tumblebooks is registered for grades K-4 so North and South share.

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