What is the American Dream?

By Rayanne Elmer

Hope LaGrange (Bettendorf, IA)

"I believe in it. It's when everyone is treated equally, and that we all have the same work opportunities and ways of reaching our goals."

Tammi Jo Andrews (Mount Pleasant, IA)

"It's about health, prosperity, and freedom, I guess. I believe that as a country, we're falling short because poverty and freedom is suffering. I want the freedom to go where I want. I want to be able to pay my bills without being hounded by greedy companies. And my family always comes first."

Rayanne Elmer, myself (Mesa, Arizona)

"The American Dream is when you have a supportive family and group of friends. It's when you live in an at least decent house, and you have a loving husband or wife, and possibly children. It's when your job pays well, and you're able to live a carefree life. I believe at anyone who wants it will pursue in it."