The Internet of Things

The Impact on the Individual and Their Role in the World

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things refers to a computing concept that describes a future where everyday objects such as alarm clocks, coffee makers, and cars will be connected to the internet and are able to communicate to each other and develop a setting in which they will control when they turn on and when we can use them. Many people are creating more ways to monitor health, the environment, atmosphere, forests, waterways, agriculture, energy, public safety, transportation, and more. They will most likely use bluetooth to connect to each other and notify you of anything new, hazardous or life threatening.

Impact On Individuals

With the ever-evolving IoT, individuals need to up their security game. More tech on the web means a bigger playground for hackers; that’s a nightmare for those with weak passwords.

Each person needs to begin to use stronger passwords, better virus protection, and obtain better security technology. For example, Apple has already released phones that require the owner’s fingerprint in order to unlock the device. Some tech developers are thinking of introducing facial recognition to the scene. Two-step security is on the rise, too. You enter a normal password, and then a temporary, one-time-use code is sent to your smartphone. Without the smartphone in your possession right then and there, you can’t unlock it.

The Internet of Things is all about connecting anything and everything to the web. You have probably heard of things like smart watches, smart lights, smart cars, etc. With the evolving Internet of Things such as door locks and even dog collars can be expected to take a role. A new internet means a new—and more advanced—plethora of devices from which to choose. Devices such as Apple TV's, IMB Simon and Bluetooth can improve a person's daily life.


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