San Miguel Bulletin

January 11th-15th

Welcome Back

May the new year bring rejuvenation and a renewed outlook on your classroom and instructional practices. Recapping and reviewing our instructional practices will be our focus for the upcoming weeks. Just as you will need to review instructional behavioral and procedural routines for our students, we will do the same.

1. Call on students using random opportunities, ensuring that the students are held accountable by listening.

2. Limit hand raising- this is predictable and more than often, an ineffective way to illicit information or check for understanding.

3. Students must respond in complete sentences at all times. Providing sentence frames visually or verbally will ensure that students have the structures in place to meet your expectations.

4. When speaking in class, encourage your academic discourse by using sentence frames as referred to in previous bulletins. Keeps posters up for reference if needed. Students engaging in conversations need the sentence frames for reference, respectfully agreeing, disagreeing and citing evidence from text. You have been given the resources, please put them to use.

Weekly Schedule

1/9/15 -Saturday ...Happy Birthday Kristin Alianelli!

1/11/16 Monday

K-2 Writing Unit 3

Young Audiences Begins (Schedule Below)

CoTA Begins (Schedule Below)

Afterschool Intervention Begins

PTA Meeting- Cafeteria

Restorative Practice Training- Send Heidi email if Interested (See email from Friday)

1/12 Tuesday-

7:35 PAC

7:30 IEP- Speech

CoTA Meeting with Teachers Day

8:00-9:00 IEP Reisch

9:00 Firedrill

Ballet (8:30-10:30) Cafeteria

2:30 IEP MR 4a- Speech/Summer Admin

10:00 Coaching Webinar (Heidi Unavailable)

1:00 Mr. Anastos Visit

3:00 Promethean Panel Training for those with New Boards (Mount Vernon, Room R11)

5:30 Board Meeting

1/13 Wednesday-

Collaboration- Rotation B

8:30 Classroom Walkthroughs with Dr. Olga West, HR

2:30-4:30 Staff Meeting-CoTA, Location: Art Studio

3:45-4:30 is voluntary, paid opportunity, counts at PD hours

1/14 Thursday -

9:00 Principals Meeting

10:3012:15 Classroom Walkthroughs

12:15 Observation

2:20-3:15 Afterschool Intervention

3:00 pm Calendar Committee Meeting at Palm PD Center

1/15 Friday

7:30 XR IEP Pre-Meeting

SM Membership Drive Ends

San Diego Arts Retreat- Dan and Kim off campus

2:30 Post Observation Conference

5:30 Inside Out- San Miguel Movie Night- Bring PJs and Blankets!

Behavior Focus

Behavior Expectations:

Hallways and Passing Areas

2015-2016 Complete Calendar:

Restorative Topics- Classroom Discussion -Compliments Restorative Practices

Upcoming January Dates

15th -Friday

PTA Sponsored San Miguel Movie Night- Inside Out

5:30-7:30 pm

18th -Monday No School -MLK Day

19th -Tuesday 1/2 Day SST


3:30 Curriculum Meeting with Keith Malcom

20th Wednesday

Collaboration Day- Rotation A

Staff Meeting -LCAP Meeting, Stakeholder Input

PTA Council Meeting

21st -Thursday

Afterschool Intervention

5:30-6:30 SES Contrat Signing Night

22nd- Friday

SPED Meeting

Arts TOSA Meeting

504 Meeting

25th Monday

8:30 ELAC

Afterschool Intervention

3:00 Calendar Committee Meeting

Emily Wiggin's Birthday

26th -Tuesday

Ballet-2nd Graders

Teacher Effectiveness- LGSD

Board Meeting

27th -Wednesday

Collaboration Day -PLC Rotation B

28th- Thursday

Intervention Afterschool

3:30 LCAP Meeting at DO

Don Porcella 4:00-6:00, The Parsonage Museum

29th- Friday

ACE Assembly

TOSA Art Meeting

Assessments and Pacing Guide

Pink Inspect- February 8th-12th

Data Due in Computer Tuesday, 16th 4:00 pm (15th is a Holiday)

Hard Copy of Data due to Heidi 4:00 pm in Mailbox

Data Collection and Analysis -Staff Meeting February 17th 2:30-4:00 pm

Weekly Music

Music Selections available on the V drive under 1 San Miguel Music Listening

Music Listening Year Two, Week 17

Edvard Greig-Norwegian Composer

See Two Links

"March of the Dwarfs" from Lyric Suite, Opus 54

Daily Music Listening should be listed clearly in your weekly lesson plans, which should be out and readily accessible for viewing at any time.

2nd Step

1 Second Step lesson should be taught weekly.

If you have any questions or needs, or request a sample lesson models, please email Edna.

2nd Step should be listed clearly in your weekly lesson plans, which should be out and readily accessible for viewing at any time.

Teaching Channel-Student Discourse Videos- 2nd Week Viewing Opportunity

Appropriate Dress

Please pay close attention to your professional dress at all times.

We are professionals and need to come to work each day, dressed like professionals.

Please refrain from wearing workout clothes to work, unless it is a specific occasion, perhaps Field Day. If in question about your dress, please see me.

Other items to consider:


Length of skirt, long shorts or dress

Ensuring mid-drift is covered even when raising arms or dancing

Thank you for your consideration.