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Weekly Family News | December 5, 2021

Keeping Our Kids Safe

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Oxford Schools Community District for the devastating tragedy that happened this past week. Parents, we want you to know that we are doing the following to keep our children and staff safe at all times:

  • All exterior doors must remain locked during school hours
  • Our front door is where visitors or late students must enter
  • Only those with appointments/prior notice will be allowed in building using the main door
  • Proper ID will be confirmed before allowing visitors in the building
  • Checking exterior doors throughout the school day to make sure they are in lock positions and not propped open for any reason
  • Students who appear to be despondent or agitated will be referred to administration and mental health professional
  • Taking all threats of violence or rumors seriously and investigating appropriately
  • Reminding staff and students not to open doors to visitors during the school day
  • If you see something, say something

If you or your child learns of any suspicious behavior, please contact the main office immediately at 248-336-7610.

On Monday, December 6th, all staff will receive a Safety Presentation with reminders and pointers on how we keep our children and ourselves safe.

95% or Better Attendance

Congratulations to the following students and their parents for missing 1 day or less of school in November:

Key Kindness Kudos

These students received a Key Kindness Kudo from a staff member for demonstrating kindness to another student!

Book Fair This Week!

Our Scholastic Book Fair is this week! Please send your child with some money to purchase a can be their first present this holiday season! To add money to your child's e-wallet:

A huge shout out goes to: Ms. Tienda (4th Grade), Ms. Rhodes (Library/Media Arts Teacher), & Ms. McCoy (Library/Media Arts Para-Educator) for making this an opportunity for our children!

School Culture ~ Great Things at Key!

Check out some of the cool things posted in our hallways and classrooms! There are great things happening at Key Elementary!

What's Happening in our Schoolhouse?

  1. Thank you to Coach Z (PE Teacher) for volunteering to sponsor our boys mentoring group for 20 of our young men in grades 3-5! They had their first session this past Wednesday. Coach Z will talk with the boys about leadership, managing their emotions, getting along with others, and some lessons on sportsmanship! They will meet every Wednesday afternoon for 1 hour.
  2. Shout out to Ms. Taylor & Ms. Z in PreK/GSRP for engaging students in so many early learning skills such as name writing practice, recognizing colors, & letter recognition in one of their small group lessons this week! Students used Playdoh and dot paint to practice their fine and gross motor skills!

COVID Update...

When is a student quarantined?

  • If a student was identified as a close contact of a student who tested positive, the student will be quarantined for 10 days. Watch for symptoms and get your child tested. If your child tests positive, please notify the school.

When is a class quarantined?

  • If a class has three positive COVID cases, that class will be on quarantine. You will be notified by the school if this occurs. Students will be quarantined for 10 days.

How will my child access instruction and classwork while on quarantine?

  • If your child is quarantined, your child can access live instruction via Zoom. Your child’s Zoom links are posted in each teacher’s Google classroom. Your child’s assignments will be posted in Google classroom as well.

Watch for symptoms

  • If your child exhibits any COVID symptoms, DO NOT send your child to school. Have your child tested for COVID using a PCR test. If your child tests positive, notify the school at 248-336-7610. If your child tests positive, your child will be on quarantine for 10 days. If your child tests negative they need to bring proof of the negative test to return to school.

Big picture

Weather Changes

  • It's getting cold outside. Be sure to dress your children appropriately (heavy coat, gloves, boots, etc.). We still may have outdoor recess unless it is below 32 degrees.
  • Please try not to drop off your child too early. They are cold. The doors do not open until 8:05am since school does not start until 8:15am.
  • The change in weather also means that it is likely that our staff will not be outside some mornings to manage the car line. We will be standing right in the lobby to receive the children. We will go off the "honor system"...trusting that you are still completing our daily COVID screener (Clear to Go or the paper to send with your child).

Journey to Healing

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with healing from losing a loved one, Journey to Healing provides support for children/adults/families that have faced any traumatic experiences. They offer offer a wide range of treatments and services that support youth and adults.

They have free parent support groups and an emergency crisis helpline.

  1. *FREE* Parent Support Group every 3rd Wednesday (5:30-6:30pm) via Zoom. Join Zoom Meeting: -- Meeting ID: 649 773 6518
  2. *FREE* Children Emotional Healing & Grief Support, every 3rd Tuesday (4:30-5:30pm) via Zoom. Join Zoom Meeting: -- Meeting ID: 649 773 6518
  3. *FREE* Adult Emotional Healing & Grief Support, every 3rd Tuesday (5:30-6:30pm). Join Zoom Meeting: -- Meeting ID: 649 773 6518

We Need Menfolk!

Calling all of the men...dads, granddads, uncles, big brothers, goddads, family friends, etc...we need you at the schoolhouse! Please consider coming to volunteer! There are a number of things you can do such as help with arrival/dismissal traffic, serve as hall monitors to encourage our children, help with our boys mentoring group, or anything else! Please let Mrs. Murphy, your child's teacher, or the front office know if you or someone you know is interested! #Dads/MenOnDuty

Join our Key Family Remind

You can contact Mrs. Murphy (Principal) directly!

Stay informed about what is happening in our schoolhouse! Join our Key Family Remind today! Text @keyfami to 81010.

*Your child's teacher(s) may also have their own Remind for their class.

State of Emergency: Our Children are Underachieving

In reading, 91% of our children are 1 or more grade levels behind, 53% of them are 2 or more grade levels behind, and 19% (almost 100) of our children are 3 or more grade levels behind.

In math, 97% of students are at least 1 grade behind, 60% are at least 2, and 28% are 3 or more behind.


We need more of you to engage with us. Provided below are the things we are asking parents to do at home to make sure that our children can read. Check in with your child's teacher for their IREADY information so they can practice at home, check in with the teacher for any other things you can do to support your child, and review their report card.

Addressing Parent Concerns

OPS Communication Protocol

Please click the button to find our district's communication protocol. This provides info for parents to know who to call and when, if an issue arises.

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