Lincoln Weekly Update

January 10, 2019

Important Dates

January 9 - 90 min. early dismissal

January 14 - No School - Teacher Work Day

January 16 - No early dismissal

January 23 - 90 min. early dismissal

January 30 - 90 min. early dismissal

Classroom Highlight - Pre-k

Mrs. W's Pre-k classes read 2 versions of the book The Mitten and all of the students had a chance to squeeze inside the mitten.
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Recess Gear

BOOTS: Please send boots everyday with your child. It does not make a difference whether they have rain boots or snow boots. The playground is often wet and can be quite a mess. Boots just help make sure shoes and feet stay dry for the rest of the day.

COATS: We will ask that all children wear a coat (not a sweatshirt) if the temperature is below 55 degrees. We understand with the unusually warm weather it might be tempting to leave the coat at home, however as the temperature can quickly change, having a coat at school is very important.

Needed Items: We are often asked if there are clothing/winter items needed for the school. Currently we have a nice assortment of boots, hats and coats for kids who might need to borrow them. We are running short on kid sized gloves. The over 50 pairs we started with have slowly walked away. If you have any kid sized gloves/mittens you would like to donate, please drop them off in the school office anytime. Thank you.

Only 3 minutes for Lunch???

Have you ever been told by your child "We only have 3 minutes to eat lunch"? The truth is, they have 25-30 minutes for lunch each day. Once the class gets thought the lunch line, the children are allowed to eat and talk freely. When there is only 5 minutes left of lunch, the lunch room supervisor tells the children, no talking for the next 3 minutes, only eating. This is why sometimes your child might tell you "we only have 3 minutes to eat lunch".


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Weather Related Notifications

It is that time of year again where we have the possibility of closing school, starting late or dismissing early due to weather issues. Click here to see the ways we will notify parents/guardians of changes.