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Fall Driving Hazards

A variety of driving hazards can be present during the fall including commuting to and from work in the dark due to shorter daytime hours, unpredictable weather conditions, slick roads, low visibility resulting from fog or sun glare and deer.

Fall safety driving tips

  • Slow down and allow extra room for stopping when driving on roads covered with leaves, especially when approaching a turn. Wet leaves can be very slick.
  • Never drive through a pile of leaves on the side of the road. It can hide hazards and be an inviting place for a child to jump, burrow, hide, and play!
  • Take time to clean your windshield, inside and out. When your windshield is illuminated by bright sunlight dust particles, streaks, and smudges can become magnified, making it harder to see the road and traffic lights.
  • Keep sunglasses in your vehicle to help reduce glare caused by bright sunlight.
  • Keep your headlights on low when driving in fog and rain. High beams can cause glare making it harder to see.
  • Slow down and watch for deer, especially when travelling through areas with high deer populations.
  • Collisions with deer tend to occur most often between October and December and around dawn (5 am - 9 am) and dusk (5 -pm - 9 pm) when deer are more active, traffic volumes are higher and visibility is reduced.
  • Use your high beams whenever possible and watch for signs of eyes along the road. You'll have a larger field of vision and more time to react.
  • Deer can become mesmerized by steady, bright lights. If you see deer standing frozen on the road, slow down, flash your lights and give a long blast from the horn to scare them off the road.
  • Deer tend to travel in groups - if you see one, there`s a strong possibility others are nearby.
  • If a deer jumps out in front of you and a collision is inevitable, slow down (as much as possible) and resist the temptation to swerve which can cause your vehicle to go off the road or into another vehicle.

The best defense...

Be prepared, slow down, and wear your seatbelt.

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