We Make them Smart!

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Children are taken from their parents when they turn two to start training. They train over working under pressure, ability to react to crisis, smarts, athletics and speed. They train until they are 18… then they take the test. The test determines where they spend their life and how they spend their life. If you pass then you will be given a job to best fit your strengths. You will be given a spouse and children also. If you fail you will be banished, never see someone of the opposite gender again, you will never have children and spend the rest of your life as a slave.

When you are taken to school you are given a class. A class consist of about 10 people all of the same gender and birthday as you. You all sleep in the same dorm, share classes and test together.

Day to Day

People wake up at 7:30 each day and must be in there first class by 8:00. They go to school 7 days a week and can choose 7 days out of the year to have a break. They are aloud to wear a choice of 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. They can wear this in any combo they want.