Character Sketch: Wonder

By: Kush Kadakia


Kush Kadakia

Ms. Butler

Character Sketch

16 March 16

Wonder is written by R.J. Palacio and focuses around the life of a 10 year old child by the name of August. The book never explains what he looks like but it does explain his daily life. In the beginning of the book it says that August has been through many surgeries before the age of four. The book also takes a perspective of August's family and friends. August life is different from everyone else due to his face. The book has funny and sometimes heartfelt moments.

Everybody see's August has a ordinary or extraordinary child. In fact August is the only one who actually see's himself as just plain ordinary. He plays Xbox like a normal kid. Build thing out of legos' like a normal kid. He even reads Diary of a Wimpy Kid like a normal kid; and he plays and watches star wars(like a normal Kid). He dressed up has Darth Vader on Halloween. August is just a normal kid in his eyes.

The book says that, "I won't tell you what I look like, but what ever you're thinking its probably worse." August's sister see's him as a special gift. She is overprotective of him. She feels that whenever someone talks bad about August she needs to intervene no matter what. August's parents see him as smart, funny, and extraordinary and try to comfort him by telling funny jokes and stories. August's friends treat him like any other of his friends. August is a wonder when it comes to what he looks like.