Allyson Morrow's Smore

A leader in my definition is someone who is successful.


Abraham Lincoln unparalleled communication skills, which afforded him the eloquence to connect with all people regardless of education level, level, or social level, prompted followers to trust and to emulate his integrity; He lead genuine words of compassion.

Three most important leadership qualities:

  1. The tone of Lincoln's voice when he gives speeches is astonishing to crowds who listen to him.
  2. Lincoln left a legacy to us. His legacy has left a mark on our nation; he is still honored in 2015 and will be honored furthermore. He never gave up in what he believed in.
  3. Lincoln is an inspiration to all kinds of people. He is more than just the 16th president, he is known has the greatest man of president history.

Am I my self a leader?

To be honest, I do not think I'm a leader. I try my best in class and I'm school specifically and I make decent grades but I'm not a role model to anyone. I do make mistakes but I know exactly how to fix my mistakes. I will try to achieve my future goals to become a better person.