Chancellor News and Notes

January 19, 2016

Happy Tuesday!

Hopefully you had a restful 3 day weekend! Yesterday was a pretty special day across the nation, celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. If you have not had the chance, work into your lesson plans a little time to talk about Martin Luther King Jr, the Civil Rights Movement, and/or why we have a day off to celebrate this momentous time in American History. Try to work into the context of the time period, because that is often a misconception for many of our students- when this all took place, and that it wasn't just Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks, but tens of thousands of people enacting change. Make it more meaningful by allowing students to share their own experiences, positive or negative, and allow them to brainstorm ways of keeping Dr. King's dream alive and moving forward.
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Resources you can use!

This newsletter is devoted to a variety of links if you need some extra resources. There are also many videos on Discovery Education, the library resource page on our Chancellor website has tons of research engines and reading options that you can search, and the library also has some fantastic books that you could use for read alouds, biography research, or station reading time for rotations. And some great quotes you are welcome to use with your students are interspersed throughout. Enjoy!
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