How To Become President of the U.S.

Go From Small Town To Big TIme


To become President of the United States, you need to be at least 35 years of age, you must be a natural-born American citizen, and you need to live in America for at least 14 years. Basically, study some politics and wait until your 35th birthday!

Step #1: Primaries and Caucuses

Primaries are a "secret ballot," but caucuses are "meetings" where groups vote for the candidate they want to run for President. Most states use the primary method, but a few states like Iowa use the caucus system. Since you'll be starting off in Iowa, try to find a decent-sized group with similar viewpoints as you to vote for you!

Step #2: National Convention

The summer before each Presidential election, all states get together at the National Convention. Here, they vote for the candidate they want for President for each party. To win the National Convention, you should try to appeal to the most states as possible. Try to find a major value of yours that a lot of states support, and go off that!

Step #3: General Election

The General Election is when everyone votes for the President. Most of the votes are between the lead Democrat and the lead Republican. To win this, try to reel people onto your side and act like a "normal person" who has the same ideas as them.

Step #4: Electoral College

The Electoral College is when Congress comes together and votes for the states. For example, if a majority of Iowa picks the Republican candidate, the Iowan Congress members vote for that person. Try to appeal to the most states as possible, and the most people, and you'll be President in no time!