Typhoid Fever

Una Weber

Symptoms and Complications

If you are unlucky enough to get typhoid Fever, you will not be able to tell until the second week. That week will be a hard one with a 103 degree fever, headache, weakness, cough, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and a bad rash. If you don't get treatment by the third week you will suffer major weight loss and hallucinations. Sometimes there are complications, like internal bleeding, pneumonia, inflammation of your heart, pancreas, gallbladder and kidneys. Don't worry you will most likely survive. :)

Prevention and Treatment

If you live in a developed country, treating Typhoid Fever is easy, just go to a doctor and get some antibiotics. the antibiotic for Typhoid Fever is Ciprofloxacin. It's not so easy if you don't live in a developed country, you might just have to wait it out, which takes at least a month if your lucky. How do I avoid getting Typhoid fever in the first place? You ask. That's simple, drink lots of CLEAN water,eat healthy, get a vaccine if you can. if you don't live in a developed country or are traveling, then be careful of what you eat, you never know what it's been washed in. Just know: boil it, peel it, cook it, or forget it!


Over the years there have been several major outbreaks, including one in 2004 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and one in 2003 in Haiti. this year in america about 5,700 cases have been reported. Around the world there were about 21 million cases reported and 20,000 deaths.

Causes and Risk factors

Typhoid Fever is caused by Salmonella Typhi, and is spread through contaminated food and water or by direct contact with an infected person. Typhoid fever is very rare in developed countries, but it is still a big deal in the third world ones. You are more likely to get Typhoid if you are young, know someone who has it or have a weak immune system.


Most outbreaks occur in third world countries and most cases in America are from travelers.

Typhoid Mary

Mary Mallon was born in 1869 in Cookstown, Ireland. When she immigrated to America, she got a job in New York as a cook. Shortly after, the people became sick with Typhoid. This happened several more times. Finally, the city of New York hired sanitary engineer George Soper to find the source of all the outbreaks. once he traced them back to Mary the city had her quarantined. she remained at an isolation center for two years, in 1910 the city finally let her leave on one condition, that she agree never to work as a cook again. She agreed, but then five years later she was working as a cook again! this time under the false name Mary Brown. she spent the rest of her life at the Riverside Hospital.

Six years before she died she had a stroke. She died of pneumonia at age 69.

She was not forgotten, a rap group named themselves "Hail Mary Mallon" as a tribute to her. A tv show was based on the Typhoid outbreaks and she was a character. A Canadian band wrote a song called "Hell's Kitchen" that told her story, and in the game Call Of Duty if you upgrade a certain gun it becomes the "Typhoid & mary." In a letter she wrote to George O'Neal, she claimed not to have gotten anyone sick, but even if she didn't try she still did.


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